Letters: Replace stakes with steaks to end UK’s fight for food

More people are relying on foodbanks
More people are relying on foodbanks
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Readers may have heard about the Basicsbank, which is being run by Edinburgh City Mission to help the increasing numbers of people unable to afford enough food to feed their families.

Across the world, nearly a billion people don’t have enough to eat, even in a world of rising obesity in many countries, including Scotland, and where the council has costly services to collect buckets of food waste (or maybe just wasted) from each home every week.

Meanwhile, people may not be so aware that our UK and global banks and hedge funds are fuelling high food prices by speculating on the price of basics such as wheat, maize and soy, and making millions in profit, gambling on prices of food like they were stocks and shares.

This forces food prices up and up, driving people into food poverty, hunger and starvation, making hard times even worse for the poorest farmers also trying to sell the products into world markets. Scotland has become a fair trade nation – but is this fair?

Food speculation can be curbed through regulations, agreed on a multi-national basis, but the UK Government has attempted to block new rules being proposed through the European Union. George Osborne has the power to reverse the UK’s position and stop banks from betting on hunger.

But will he make the right decision and put the needs of people not just here in our city but across the world (where too many children still die of 
hunger every day) before the huge profits of banks?

Karen Bowman, Connaught Place, Edinburgh

Korea ‘threat’ no reason for Trident

DAVID Cameron’s claim that North Korea has the capability of launching a nuclear attack against the UK is nonsense.

He claimed as “fact” that the North Koreans could hit the UK with nuclear weapons, claims which have subsequently been ridiculed by weapons experts who say that the North Koreans possess no such 

Trident isn’t the answer to the threats we face as a country and diverts resources from conventional defence, which in Scotland has faced disproportionate cuts by successive UK governments. The vast amounts of money spent on Trident and its replacement would be far better spent on other priorities and the sooner we remove these weapons of mass destruction from the Clyde the better.

Alex Orr, Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh

Moneybags’ tax cuts are not fair

GEORGE Osborne says all criticism of his welfare reforms are “headline seeking nonsense”.

No, Mr Osborne, the reason people are angry is because these welfare reforms are being put in place by a coalition government full of multi-millionaires who have just awarded themselves a tax cut.

The only “headline seeking nonsense” here is from the useless, arrogant, out-of-touch coalition government, who wouldn’t recognise life in the real world if it jumped up and bit them on the nose.

Alan Lough, Boroughdales, Dunbar, East Lothian