Letters: Scottish independence must focus on democracy

Scots will have chance to vote in referendum
Scots will have chance to vote in referendum
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In the American War of Independence, revolution against British rule was triggered by resentment at the unfair commercial policies of Britain and a lack of American participation in decision making.

Although there is a parallel between America and Scotland, American colonialists had to take to the gun to win their independence. Scots can do it with a pencil.

Decision making must be in the hands of people Scots elect, not the unrepresentative Tory Party, unelected or appointed lords, hereditary royals or a reactionary Church of England that has an inappropriate platform in the Britain’s democratic process.

Scottish independence must be all about democracy and nothing to do with narrow

Jack Fraser, Clayknowes Drive, Musselburgh, East Lothian

SNP has yet to explain argument

IF there is any hypocrisy over the way in which the independence debate is being handled, the chief instigators must be the Scottish National Party.

The question about what to put on the independence ballot paper should have a straightforward yes/no answer. But for the Scottish National Party it is a no-go area, led by Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinney and co.

The SNP have deliberately concocted a method to lower the debate over the argument about their referendum agenda by trying to confuse the electorate with the devo max/devo plus system.

Both of those systems may or may not give full fiscal autonomy of some kind.

But they will definitely isolate Scotland from having full United Kingdom trading facilities and this may affect trading with the European Union and the rest of the world.

The SNP has yet to explain openly its independence
argument. What is it really all about?

Chas Dennis, Niddrie Marischal Road, Edinburgh

London rule has failed Scotland

HOW refreshing to hear Labour supporters such as Mary Thomas (Letters, July 4) saying they are backing “Yes” for independence for Scotland. Some old Labour diehards can’t see the failure of successive London-based governments to make Scotland a social democratic nation like the Scandinavian countries.

Love them or hate them, the SNP is right. If only we could have thought that in 1979, what time and money we could have saved.

Colin Smail, Viewforth Gardens, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

On the right track with tarmac work

Why does the council insist on continually laying slabs on pavements?

It is very much a temporary and ongoing job.

I did query a few years ago whether the jobs were inspected prior to the expiry of a guarantee period but received no response as to this.

The best solution would be for tarmacadam to be laid.

There is a tarmacadam pavement in my street laid some 25 years ago requiring a minor repair now and then due to cars parking on pavements. The council don’t half know how to waste and fritter money away.

F Rutherford, Leith,Edinburgh

A taste of T has left me spinning

I WATCHED the end of the coverage of T in the Park on BBC Three on Saturday night.

The last quarter of the programme was just DJs playing records.

We had David Guetta and Calvin Harris bouncing up and down on stage waving a microphone and shouting ‘T in the Park show us your hands’ now and again.

All you need is a good light show and a few lasers. Why bother spending money on top acts when all you have to do is spin a few records?

The coverage on BBC Three made the event look boring, which I’m sure it wasn’t.

Alun Thomas, Edinburgh

Put my name on list for tram job

Well that’s it! I am applying for a tram driver’s job – £25,000 a year to do nothing (£500,000 bill for tram drivers, News, July 3). Sounds like an opportunity to learn new skills!

Mrs M Quade, Fairmilehead