Letters: Scrapping air passenger duty won’t fly, Willie

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I am totally taken aback by Willie Walsh’s support for independence simply on the basis that Air Passenger Duty might be reduced and later scrapped.

First of all, the proposal is merely an SNP aspiration, part of its wish list. We do not know what the make-up of the independent Scottish parliament would be and scrapping ADP may not be a priority given that the income would have to be found from somewhere else.

Second British Airways is the UK national flag carrier, prominently using the union flag. Great Britain will no longer exist after independence and with it will go the British brand.

This is bound to have an impact on a major concern which is labelled British. I’m not sure that BA will be able to continue in its current form; its whole image built up over years would surely have to change. It would certainly be inappropriate for it to continue to use the arguably defunct union flag as its logo.

Third, ADP is there to recognise the environmental damage that air transport does on its current scale. Are we not trying to reduce travel by air rather than encourage it?

I am certain that the Greens, in their support for independence, will be embarrassed by BA’s position. I wonder where on earth Willie Walsh is coming from on this issue. Is he wearing blinkers?

Barry Turner, Inveresk, Musselburgh

Time to stand up for Southside’s integrity

i read with interest Norman Liddle’s letter on the Southside of the city being damaged by development (News, March 3).

As a resident and a true ‘Southsider’ for more than 66 years, I agree totally with his views.

We do not need any more student accommodation in this area, and the city council should have given all residents advice on the latest planning application for five-storey student flats. We have not received any as yet.

To date Homebase staff are unaware of the plans and they are on site.

St Leonard’s Street has very much changed over the years, and the local shops and people who owned them largely gone, except for a few who remain and who I know share my opinion.

I intend to go the planning permission meeting on March 12 as a ratepayer and have my say.

I hope the council’s planning department think of the area and the traffic excess and rejects this application.

Norrie Joe Taylor, Montague Street, Edinburgh

Musselburgh Festival vote is in the post

Your article about the relocation of Levenhall Post Office (News, March 4) referred to it as being in the city, while Musselburgh is, of course, a town in its own right and not part of Edinburgh. As the town song goes - ‘Musselburgh was a burgh when Edinburgh was nane.....’

I have been privileged to provide post office services here for the past 15 years and after my retirement from these duties, on Saturday March 29, the branch will relocate to McColls shop in nearby Delta Drive.

I will continue to run the retail side of the business here as Levenhall Newsagents and the premises will still be used as a polling station on Friday April 25 for the election of this year’s Musselburgh Festival’s Honest Lass & Lad.

Ian Wood, Sub-postmaster, Levenhall Post Office, Musselburgh

Dogs aren’t bad, it’s owners at fault

Reading in the Evening News (March 4) about the number of dog attacks in the Lothians makes my blood boil.

There in no such thing as a bad dog. However, there are lots of bad owners. Excessive aggressiveness is normally because they are owned by non-caring owners who don’t spend the time with them to make them less fearful or take them to a dog trainer who would help them deal with this situation. Dogs are not born aggressive.

People don’t seem to be able to read a dog’s body language. When their dog barks or growls they lash out at it, shouting at it and hitting it, thereby making it more aggressive.

I have a great Border Collie who was a rescue dog, who had been twice rehomed when I got him at four months old.

He now walks off the lead, sits outside shops and is loved by many. He is good with children and older folk, he shuns aggressive dogs, and knows he’s top of the class, so is a very happy, peaceful, loving pet.

We spent many months at dog training and it has paid off. He still sees the dog trainer when we go to the park and remembers his time with him. He greets him fondly and any other dogs that are in training at the time. If a new recruit snaps, he gives him the look and leaves.

He is microchipped, wears a Green Dog collar, because he has a responsible owner. He is a Therapy Dog as well. Don’t say there are a load of bad dogs out there. Look at the owners first!

Lyn Blackhall, East Preston Street, Edinburgh

Looking forward to Bannockburn replay

IN 1314 at the Battle of Bannockburn, an English knight Henry de Bohun, charged alone at Robert Bruce and was killed by Bruce’s axe.

Metaphorically speaking, I trust that Alex Salmond will do the same with the lookalike deposed French aristocrat, George Osborne.

N Nisbet, Moat Drive, Edinburgh