Lynne McCrossan: My collection will be ready for inspection

Eilisha Paterson
Eilisha Paterson
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A BIT back to front would be the best way to sum me up.

Reading the last page of a book is my preferred mode of getting started. And much more frustratingly, applying lipstick always comes before brushing of teeth, making the first task redundant after just one scrub round the gub.

So of course it would make crystal clear sense to set about creating a clothing line with the end goal as motivation.

That’s the catwalk before the collection. After all, I’ve been styling shows and 
photoshoots for years so it seems the obvious place to begin.

When the dress-making challenge drew to a close at Christmas I felt bereft without a weekly benchmark of 
something new to sew.

The logical solution was to put in practice what I’d learned and come up with a capsule collection ready to showcase during the Festival.

Between now and then I’m going to find out every facet of the fashion industry that a fledgling label needs to understand. From fashion buyers to fabric suppliers, PRs and photographers I’m planning to meet every person who plays a part in this billion- pound industry surrounding us daily.

There will be no stone left unturned as I uncover what really goes on inside building a brand.


Men in skirts is nothing new for us Scots, but as menswear collections come to a close the standout trend from Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection was a half skirt/trouser combo for autumn winter next season. Don’t say I didn’t

warn you.

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