Mark ready to mount bid on Ben Nevis

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The disability campaigner Mark Cooper has been chosen to be one of the leaders of the 2011 Bowmore Ben Nevis Challenge on Saturday.

Mark, who has previously led campaigns to improve access to pubs for wheelchair users, will climb the 4408ft mountain along with seven teams.

The event will be the culmination of months of training and preparation for the teams of disabled and non-disabled people who will work together on the challenge of scaling the UK’s highest peak.

The teams will be led by disabled people who will navigate their team to the summit and in the process help raise funds for Capability Scotland.

Mark, from Gracemount, said: “For me the challenge is to guide them past obstacles and to keep up morale. My biggest worry will not be going up but coming down again because I will have a lot of weight on my arms and all I will be able to see is a big drop.”