My perfect weekend - Michael Neave, chef

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Michael Neave is the owner of Michael Neave Kitchen and Whisky Bar in Old Fishmarket Close.

1 Who would be your ideal weekend companion and why? Nicola Adams, cos she’s fit.

2 Where would you take her and why? I would take her to New York and we could go to ‘the gardens’ together.

3 Where would you go for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Breakfast at Norma’s five-star diner, lunch at Back Forty West to share a few starters and Dinner at Downtown Cipriani in West Broadway.

4 What item would you not be without? Headguard – rids me of my anxiety and most importantly save me from a potentially harmful head injury!

5 How would your weekend finish? Las Vegas – a good gamble as it is glitzy, fun, wow, bright, fantastic.