John Gibson: How about a card for Max, then?

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A HOUSEHOLD name. He was one of the UK’s best paid entertainers. Capacity audiences everywhere for millionaire Max Bygraves. Mind you, he never looked his age.

But now, in his 90th year he’s sadly become a victim of Alzheimer’s. Max is now living in Australia with family. One of his children takes care of him at home in Oz and tells me: “Mentally he’s not at his brightest but physically he’s OK.

“He does miss the UK of old and he’d welcome letters from fans here. Some days we have to help him restore that big trademark smile.”

Max is at 2120 Fernlea Close, Gracemere, Hope Island 4212, Queensland, Australia.

You could always send him a tulip from Amsterdam.

Afterwords . .

. . . this is Glenn Close talking prior to the release this week at the Cameo in Edinburgh of her latest film Albert Nobbs: “The danger is that there is so much noise around red carpets these days, that is what young people think it’s all about. They want to get out of a limo in a beautiful dress, with all those cameras popping as they walk down the red carpet. That, to me, is the least interesting aspect of what I do.”