Talk of the Town: Chris won’t let cold get better of him

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WHILE his fans were toasting the New Year with gleeful abandon, for the city’s most recently crowned Freeman it was something of an uphill struggle.

Sir Chris Hoy was struggling with snotty symptoms as the year he became Britain’s greatest ever Olympian drew to a close – but as the Bells approached he vowed to fight it with similar spirit to that which brought home his sixth gold in London last summer.

Cycling’s knight tweeted: “This cold is NOT going to win! #champagneandnurofen.”

A sweet tweet treat

ONE of the new features of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay was “Blogmanay” which saw opinionated internet commentators gather in the Capital to let the outside world know how our revellers were seeing in 2013.

The social networks were buzzing with the “#blogmanay” hashtag as Edinburgh was showcased on the twittersphere.

Summing up the scene was travel blogger Mario Cacciottolo, who wrote: “Ah, Edinburgh. I drank in your beauty, saw in the new year, shivered in your streets and was warmed by your deep-fried Mars bars.”

Get a D.I.Y D.I.V.O.R.C.E

CHRISTMAS might be over for another year – unless you’re a family lawyer.

January 2 is commonly known as “Divorce Day” amongst solicitors as holiday tensions finally spill over.

But with wallets bare in the wake of the festivities, it can be a costly business.

So if you’re in that boat, the launch of Wikivorce might not be the saddest thing you’ve ever heard.

The online divorce support group offers a free DIY guide to the divorce process and sells its “Solicitor Managed Divorce” service for just £1.

Cheer up, it’s January

TWO things are certain about January – the sales and the blues.

But if the curtain falling on the festivities is getting you down already, then TOTT sadly must report that it’s only going to get worse.

That’s because “Blue Monday” - which mental health researchers say is the most depressing day of the year – doesn’t come round until January 21.

But now charity Mental Health Research UK aims to restore the nation’s mood by branding the date as “Blooming Monday”, calling on workers to don brightly- coloured clothing in a bid to combat the misery.

So perhaps it’s not time to tuck that reindeer-festooned jumper away for its hibernation just yet.