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City Council

Call for crackdown on fireworks in Edinburgh

LAWS on fireworks should be fully devolved to Holyrood so MSPs can get tough on their sale and use, Edinburgh Eastern’s Ash Denham has said.

Council will be looking at parking zones and charges to get extra cash for services. Picture: Greg Macvean

Steve Cardownie: Edinburgh council’s budget wars begin amid suspicion and mistrust

As if the council’s coalition doesn’t have enough to deal with at the moment, it now faces the worrying prospect that confidential reports may be printed in the media before discussions are completed and decisions taken.

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Councillor Lewis Ritchie  SNP

Steve Cardownie: Perry should get council planning job with Dickie for education

It has been reported that Councillor Lewis Ritchie has taken leave of absence on health grounds, which leaves a vacancy as convener of the planning committee.

Councillor Ian Perry

Steve Cardownie: How Labour tried to claim it saved Edinburgh music school

in Saturday’s Evening News it was reported that plans to close the City of Edinburgh Music School had been killed off after Labour councillors voted not to support the proposals.

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Protest outside the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood by supporters of the Music School at Broughton High

Steve Cardownie: School protest hit right note

The opponents of the city council coalition’s proposal to close down the City of Edinburgh Music School should be commended for the manner in which they ran the campaign.

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The City of Edinburgh Music School took its campaign to stave off closure to the Scottish Parliament

Adam McVey: How you can help Edinburgh cope with Westminster-imposed austerity

All public organisations – from the NHS, police and councils – are facing financial pressure as a result of a sustained austerity policy from the UK Government. It’s worth noting that many other councils are in a worse financial position than Edinburgh.

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Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

John McLellan: Universal citizen’s income idea is just about sooking up to the Greens

Nobel Prize-winning left-wing economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz has once again proved himself very useful to the SNP, but in a different way to his oft-quoted support for independence in the 2014 referendum campaign.

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Susan Rae of the Greens is unimpressed by council culture

John McLellan: ‘Mansplaining’, egos and testosterone at Edinburgh Council

Edinburgh councillors staggering from meetings “dizzy and reeling” was not an uncommon occurrence in the heady days of the Jinglin’ Geordie and lunchtime boozing. Staggering to meetings wasn’t unheard of either, but that’s not what the Greens’ Susan Rae meant in her cry of anguish at her party’s conference last weekend.

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Figures revealed by the Evening News have been described as 'worrying' by health campaigners.

Revealed: More than 2,000 patients ‘had to wait over an hour’ for ambulance

NEARLY 2,000 patients had to wait over an hour for an ambulance in the Capital during the last year, figures obtained by the Evening News reveal.

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A view of Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat. Picture; Lisa Ferguson

Edinburgh party flats to be probed by BBC Panorama

A STUDENT and her flatmates ended up being given rape alarms after going for advice on how to cope with the “party flat” above them in the Capital’s Lauriston Park.

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The frenzied speculation over whether Tian Tian will give birth obscures harsh realities about Edinburgh Zoo's visitor numbers. Picture: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Martyn McLaughlin: Pandas are cherished, but their lure is fading fast

Despite excitement over the prospect of a panda cub, the zoo’s visitors have fallen sharply, writes Martyn McLaughlin

Phase 3 arrived this week.

All you need to know about 20mph zones in Edinburgh as phase 3 arrives

A new 20mph speed limit has been implimented in the Capital as phase 3 arrives in the Capital.

An audit has revealed a potential security breach at the council.

Cyber expert warns of potential security breach at Edinburgh Council

NEARLY half of Edinburgh’s council workers fail to hand in their security passes when they leave the authority, an internal audit revealed.

Children attend the StreetGames club at Edinburgh Leisure's Jack Kane Community Sports Hub in Niddrie. Picture: Alistair Linford

‘Holiday hunger’ sports project feeds deprived children

It’s an inspiring scene of happiness and vitality, with hordes of young boys and girls buzzing around, laughing and enjoying games of football, cricket and rounders on a summer’s day.

Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: Steven Scott Taylor

Jeremy Corbyn and Alex Salmond to appear at Edinburgh Festival

They may not be the most likely theatre performers – but two of the country’s most talked about politicians have proven a hot ticket at this year’s Fringe.

Subjects on offer at different schools vary greatly

‘Vast gap’ in choice of Higher subjects between schools

Schools just a few miles apart in Edinburgh are offering pupils a vastly different number of subjects to study for exams, playing a vital part in determining their future higher education and career chances, figures released today 

Visitors are shown the interior of the new high flats at Muirhouse in Edinburgh February 1966.

Story of the Capital’s slums to be told in forthcoming art project

A UNIQUE arts project is set to tell the story of Edinburgh’s slum clearances from the mid-20th century.

Joined by daughters Carolyn and Margaret Mr Horne returned to Normandy for the first time. Picture: Contributed

D-Day veteran returns to Normandy for first time in 73 years

IT’s the 73rd anniversary of the D-Day landings in 1944 and 73 years since veteran Charles Horne witnessed the brutal slaughter of thousands of his comrades on the beaches of Normandy.

The debate was streamed live on the Edinburgh Evening News.

Party leaders clash ahead of city election

PARTY leaders have clashed over the Capital’s 20mph speed limit and bin collections ahead of Thursday’s city council elections.

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