EU Referendum

EU Referendum

Alex Salmond: ‘Constitutional crisis’ looming over Article 50

Alex Salmond has warned of a looming “constitutional crisis” facing the UK government as the Supreme Court begins hearing a case to decide what say parliamentarians at Westminster and Holyrood should get on triggering Brexit.

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Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: TSPL

Sturgeon urges an ‘all-Scotland’ coalition to fight hard Brexit

Nicola Sturgeon is to urge politicians, business and universities to join an “all-Scotland” coalition to oppose a hard Brexit.

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Timothy OShea  says things will get worse after Brexit. Picture: Kate Chandler

Edinburgh University principal in ‘catastrophic’ Brexit warning

The potential impact of Brexit on higher education “ranges from bad, to awful, to catastrophic”, the principal of Edinburgh University has warned.

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EU membership is not a gamechanger in the push for independence. Picture: John Devlin

Poll: One in 10 swayed to back independence by Brexit vote

A “hard Brexit” would persuade around one in 10 of those opposed to a second Scottish independence referendum to back another ballot, a poll has found.

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Nicola Sturgeon will call for Labour, Lib Dem and moderate Tory support to fight a hard Brexit. Picture:

 Neil Hanna

Nicola Sturgeon to call for coalition to fight hard Brexit

Nicola Sturgeon will call on moderate Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats to form a coalition with the SNP to fight against a “hard Brexit” deal for the UK.

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Brexit Secretary David Davis faced attacks from all sides as he told the Commons that there will be no parliamentary vote on Article 50. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

SNP accuse Tory government of presiding over ‘dog’s Brexit’

Brexit Secretary David Davis has hinted at the possibility of a vote in parliament on a Brexit treaty at the end of negotiations to leave the EU.

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Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: PA

Nicola Sturgeon announces £500m Brexit lifeline for businesses

Nicola Sturgeon has announced a £500 million package to prop up business following the Brexit vote, with the Scottish Government offering guarantees or loans of up to £5 million per enterprise.

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Theresa May shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a bilateral meeting in Hangzhou, China. Picture: AP

Theresa May: Scots don’t want another Indyref

Theresa May has dismissed the case for a second referendum on independence and insisted Scotland will leave the European Union along with the rest of the UK.

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Olympic hero Callum Skinner tweeted Leave.EU asking them to stop using his image. Picture: Getty Images

Callum Skinner hits out at Leave.EU over using his image

Scots Olympic silver medalist Callum Skinner has found himself at the centre of a Brexit row after asking campaign group Leave.EU to stop using his image in their videos.

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Scottish Secretary David Mundell had words of warning for Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: PA

Keep indyref 2 ‘fanatics’ in line, Mundell warns Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon is maximising uncertainty and damaging prosperity by “touting” a second independence referendum, Scottish Secretary David Mundell has said.

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Edinburgh East MP Tommy Sheppard said the partys MPs could vote down any proposal that did not reflect the fact that 62 per cent of Scots voted to remain in Junes referendum. Picture: TSPL

Tommy Sheppard launches campaign with Brexit pledge

SNP MPs could block any UK government plan for Brexit unless it contained “special arrangements” for Scotland, a candidate for the party’s depute leadership has said.

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Alan Cumming was a vocal supporter of the Yes Campaign in the independence referendum. Picture: Robert Perry

Alan Cumming apologises for ‘stupid English people’ Brexit remarks

Scottish actor Alan Cumming last night apologised on Twitter for remarks made in an interview blaming “stupid English people” for the vote to leave the EU.

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The Jaguar C-X75 that featured in Spectre is to be built in Britain. Picture: comp

Brian Monteith: Don’t listen to scare stories, jobs are here

IF you rely on broadcasters for news, such as the BBC, ITV (including Channel 4) and Sky, you can be forgiven for thinking that the economy is about to collapse, the public services will implode and universities disappear.

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Lord Provost Donald Wilson raises the European Union flag at the City Chambers. Picture: Greg Macvean

Edinburgh Council flys EU flag in support of European citizens

THE European flag has been raised at the City Chambers in a show of solidarity with EU citizens amid a political row over their future status.

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Jean-Claude Juncker and Nicola Sturgeon. The First Minister has been holding talks with EU leaders to determine if Scotland has a future in the EU post-Brexit.

Ian Swanson: SNP may not be ready for indyref 2

THE Brexit result looks like prompting indyref2 but the major questions from the 2014 vote still remain unanswered, says Ian Swanson.

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Theresa May has refused to guarantee the rights of EU nationals living and working in the UK. Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty

Nicola Sturgeon seeks pledge on rights of EU nationals in Scotland

NICOLA Sturgeon has accused the UK government of being “inhumane” in failing to guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in Scotland to remain here following the Brexit vote.

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A buyer peruses the properties available in the ESPC shop in George Street. Picture: Jane Barlow

Edinburgh braces for housing market lull after Brexit vote

EDINBURGH’S housing market looks set for a lull as the vote to leave the European Union makes people hesitate about moving.

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David Cameron gambled with his country's future and should no longer be in office. Picture: Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

Brian Monteith: In the name of God go... right now, Dave

AS the dust finally begins to settle after the country’s momentous decision to leave the European Union it is now becoming clearer that the changes have not yet gone far enough.

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Edinburgh's universities are facing a substantial funding cut. File picture: Neil Hanna

Brexit: Edinburgh universities face £36m research funding cut

MILLIONS of pounds in research funding for Edinburgh’s universities could be at risk in the wake of the referendum vote to leave the European Union.

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Robin Harper congratulates David Martin on his re-election to the European Parliament in 1989. Picture: Hamish Campbell

Gina Davidson: Nobody is acting in the national interest

WHERE to start? Perhaps in 1989 when as a callow youth I was full of political zeal; the fervour of righteousness about a cause; a belief that if Labour couldn’t win in Britain and have power in Westminster, then it could in Europe. Socialist countries across the continent working together to improve the lives of working people, what wasn’t to like?

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