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Alex Salmond claims controversial joke was ‘harmless innuendo’

Alex Salmond has hit back over criticism over a controversial joke he made during his Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, insisting it was “harmless innuendo.”

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Phase 3 arrived this week.

All you need to know about 20mph zones in Edinburgh as phase 3 arrives

A new 20mph speed limit has been implimented in the Capital as phase 3 arrives in the Capital.

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Labour's Scott Arthur. Picture: Contributed

Labour councillor questions own party’s education priorities

A LABOUR councillor has questioned the education priorities of his own party after leaders of the city’s ruling coalition unveiled their policy programme for the next five years.

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An audit has revealed a potential security breach at the council.

Cyber expert warns of potential security breach at Edinburgh Council

NEARLY half of Edinburgh’s council workers fail to hand in their security passes when they leave the authority, an internal audit revealed.

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Lord Duncan. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Scots firms ‘named and shamed’ for not paying minimum wage

Nineteen Scottish firms have been “named and shamed” for failing to pay the minimum wage and ordered to pay more than £35,000 to workers who found themselves short-changed.

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Andrew O'Hagan was delivering a keynote lecture at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Andrew O'Hagan: Britain 'smashed' by Brexit and Scotland under threat

The prospect of Brexit has “smashed” Britain and left Scotland under threat from a “belated Little England,” one of the nation’s leading writers has declared.
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ScotRail off-peak fares will increase less than other train operators'. Picture: John Devlin

Rail fares to increase by 3.6 per cent from January

Commuters face a 3.6 per cent hike in rail fares from January, but ScotRail passengers travelling outside rush hours will see a smaller rise.

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Scotland's jobless total has dropped to a near historic low. Picture: John Devlin

Number of Scots in work reaches record high

Scotland's economic recovery enjoyed a fresh boost today as employment reached a record high of 2.65 million, while the jobless total dropped to a near historic low.

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Alex Salmond made the call during his Fringe show. Picture: TSPL

Alex Salmond urges SNP to adopt radical change at Westminster

Alex Salmond has warned SNP MPs that they need to step up their efforts at Westminster - because there are ‘no gold stars for good attendance’.

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HMS Queen Elizabeth, the UK's newest aircraft carrier, arrives in Portsmouth. Picture: PA

HMS Queen Elizabeth shows ‘Britain means business’ says captain

The biggest and most powerful warship ever built by Britain sends a message to the UK’s allies and enemies that the country means business, the captain of HMS Queen Elizabeth has said.

Alex Salmond unleashes his comedy Fringe show. Picture: Alistair Linford

Brian Monteith: Hollow laughter at Alex’s end of the career show

Alex Salmond needs help. It is as simple as that. To climb to the exalted level of First Minister of Scotland – with all the pomp and ceremony, the fawning by flunkies, the five-star hotels, the exclusive golf trips overseas and meeting and befriending of wealthy celebrities like Donald Trump – it must be a serious shock to one’s self-esteem to loose not just that high office but then be booted out of politics altogether.

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Nicola Sturgeon: ‘Alex Salmond is not sexist’ after Fringe joke

Nicola Sturgeon has leapt to the defence of her predecessor Alex Salmond over a joke he made during his Edinburgh Festival show.

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Hundreds of positions remain unfilled at the start of the new term. Picture (posed by models): John Devlin

500 teaching vacancies across Scotland as new term starts

Scotland’s largest teaching union has raised concerns after it emerged hundreds of posts remain unfilled at the start of the new school term.

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The number of complaints regarding litter has fallen following new waste policies from the Council.

Drop in complaints on bins and litter after changes by council

CALLS to the council about litter and overflowing bins in the city centre during the Festival are down by more than a third on the same time last year, figures show.

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The SNP/Labour city deal will be revealed today.

What’s in the City coalition agreement?

the agreement being published today includes 52 council commitments. They include:

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The city coalition deal is to be unveiled for the first time today.

City coalition deal to be officially unveiled

The Capital’s SNP and Labour leaders will officially unveil their coalition deal for the first time today, including pledges to build new homes and schools and spend £100 million on roads and pavements.

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New signs have gone up.  some of them in the middle of pavements.  Like this one in Braehead Road. .

Disbelief as pavements blocked by new 20mph signage

CITY chiefs have come under fresh fire over the Capital’s 20mph rollout after pedestrians found their path blocked by signs put up in the middle of the pavement.

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Soldiers on parade at Redford. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Gordon MacDonald: Our service personnel deserve better

Our service personnel do extraordinarily difficult jobs. They live with the knowledge that they could be deployed into what are, quite literally, life and death situations. What they don’t need is for their lives to be made more difficult by MoD failings.

Former First Minister Alex Salmond on stage at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. Picture: PA

Alex Salmond under fire over ‘sexist’ joke during Fringe show

First Minister Alex Salmond has come under fire after making a crude joke about female politicians during his show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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Ruth Davidson wants a rethink of Tory immigration policy

Ian Swanson: Davidson is a voice in the wilderness on immigration

RUTH Davidson may or may not be pleased with the label which thriller writer Jeffrey Archer conferred on her at the Festival as “the next Margaret Thatcher”.

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