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Scottish Parliament

Nicola Sturgeon backs SNP candidate accused of nurse “smear”

Nicola Sturgeon has defended an SNP candidate accused of being part of a deliberate “smear campaign” after journalists were briefed with false rumours about an NHS nurse who challenged the First Minister in a TV debate.

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Scottish Leaders Debate: clashes over indyref2 and SNP record

Nicola Sturgeon was grilled over her record in office as NHS and education shortcomings came under fire from frontline staff during a live televised debate last night.

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Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale and representatives from the Lib Demss, the Tories and the SNP gather at the Serenity cafe to mark a campaign truce in honour of the murdered Labour MP Jo Cox. Picture: Getty

Candidates call truce in Edinburgh to respect late Jo Cox

CANDIDATES from across the political divide called an hour-long campaigning truce in Edinburgh today in memory of the murdered MP Jo Cox.

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Kezia Dugdale has urged voters to send a message to both the SNP and Conservatives by voting Labour. Picture: Neil Hanna/JP License

Dugdale appeals to Tory and Lib Dem voters to keep out SNP

Kezia Dugdale has appealed to Conservative and Liberal Democrat voters living in marginal seats to back her party to keep out the SNP at the general election.

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Ruth Davidson has said another referendum on Scottish independence should not take place for around 35 years. Picture: John Devlin/TSPL

Ruth Davidson: No indyref2 until 2049

Ruth Davidson has said she will try to keep a second independence referendum off the table for a generation – suggesting another vote should not be considered for around 35 years.

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BBC Scotland headquarters at Pacific Quay in Glasgow. Picture: John Devlin/TSPL

BBC denies coverage of Scottish council elections was ‘biased’

BBC Scotland has denied allegations made by a pro-independence website that it “deliberately misreported” last week’s council election results.

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Nicola Sturgeon at a photo call with the SNP's new council group in Glasgow's George Square. Picture: PA

Sturgeon: ‘Ludicrous’ that Tory surge will derail indyref2

Nicola Sturgeon has dismissed as “ludicrous” any claims that the surge in Tory support in Scotland could derail her bid to hold a second independence referendum.

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Tom Kerr made a major gain in Linlithgow to retain his seat on West Lothian Council

Local election: Tories come out on top in Linlithgow

Conservative councillor Tom Kerr regained his Linlithgow seat as the SNP and Labour lost six seats between them in West Lothian.

The debate was streamed live on the Edinburgh Evening News.

Party leaders clash ahead of city election

PARTY leaders have clashed over the Capital’s 20mph speed limit and bin collections ahead of Thursday’s city council elections.

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The Team behind Yes Cafe Edinburgh South are hoping to reopen. Picture: Lisa Ferguson.

Yes Cafe seeking funding to re-open in Edinburgh South

A PRO-INDEPENDENCE cafe in the south of the city has launched a crowdfunding campaign to re-open.

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Jim Eadie is to stand for the House of Commons. Picture;  Ian Rutherford

Jim Eadie named as SNP candidate for Edinburgh South

Jim Eadie has been named as the SNP candidate for Edinburgh South.

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Ruth Davidson has criticised the First Minister for her tactics following the Brexit vote. Picture: TSPL

Sturgeon made error in trying to ‘weaponise Brexit’, says Davidson

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon made a basic error in trying to “weaponise Brexit”, Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has said.

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Prime Minister Theresa May speaks at a general election campaign event at the Shine Centre in Leeds. Picture; PA

Conservatives to take 7 seats from SNP predicts new poll

The Conservatives are on course to pick up seven seats in Scotland in the General Election, according to a new poll.

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Labour are targeting just three seats in Scotland, with the seat of Ian Murray MP being one of them. Picture; John Devlin

Labour targeting just three key seats in Scotland

Labour are targeting just three constituencies in Scotland according to party sources focusing only on seats where they believe there is ‘a real chance of victory’

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Nicola Sturgeon has inisisted a vote for the SNP is a vote for public services.

Nicola Sturgeon urges SNP vote ‘for public services’

Nicola Sturgeon is prioritising public services and community investment as she takes the SNP election campaign to a key constituency.

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Poll shows Scottish independence support remains at 49%

A new poll has found that support for Scottish independence has not risen since Theresa May’s bid to block a second referendum.

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Ruth Davidson puts indyref2 opposition at heart of campaign

Scottish party leaders hit the campaign trail for the local government and general elections on Saturday.

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Michelle Thomson will stand down as an MP at the next election. Picture: Steven Scott Taylor / J P Licence

Michelle Thomson to step down as MP after SNP ruling

Michelle Thomson has announced she will stand down as MP for Edinburgh West at the upcoming general election.

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Tim Farron was campaigning in Edinburgh today

Tim Farron: Extremism lies beneath surface of SNP

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has said extremism lies beneath the surface of the SNP as he accused a leading local election candidate of “doing a Trump”.

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Nicola Sturgeon has ruled out a snap Holyrood election. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Nicola Sturgeon rules out snap Holyrood election

Nicola Sturgeon has dismissed any suggestion of an early Holyrood election to end a stand-off with Theresa May over a second independence referendum.

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