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THIS week we have a query about an old dance hall in the Capital, and a question about some old decorations from the city’s Royal Infirmary.

Q One keen reader is hoping to find out about the history of an old dance hall.

“I have a query about Cockburn Place in Stockbridge. I think there was a hall called the Labour Hall, which used to be near Findlay’s the Bakers. They used to hold dances on a Saturday night, and I’d like to know if anyone else remembers this. Hope you can help.”

Q Another reader has written in with a query about the city’s old Royal Infirmary: “I can remember that there used to be panels in all the main corridors with all the names and amounts of donations that had been made to the hospital.

“I believe the hospital was to make a photographic record and perhaps an exhibition. Does anyone know what happened to those old panels when it closed?”

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