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The world's biggest jazz band play in the Grassmarket
The world's biggest jazz band play in the Grassmarket
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It certainly would not be a task for the faint-hearted – screeching off on a motorbike at a speed in excess of 164mph.

But imagine doing it blind. This week, the Evening News reported the nail-biting aspirations of Stuart Gunn, who despite having no sight – and paralysis following a motorbike crash – is determined to break the blind solo world land speed record later this summer in aid of charity,

Roy Castle cuts a haggis

Roy Castle cuts a haggis

Stuart, 39, from Broughton, joins a long list of Lothian residents who have set themselves difficult and often unusual challenges to either raise money for worthy causes or simply beat world records.

In January 1983, at the Dell Inn, in Lanark Road, regulars watched on in amazement as the World Haggis Eating Championship was held.

That year, visitor to the city Peter Dowdeswell tried to beat a previous record he had set by scoffing the required amount in a mere 50 seconds – yet fell short at 70 seconds. The Northampton nosher held 192 eating and drinking records, including wolfing down 14 hard boiled eggs in 58 seconds.

In August 1977, during the Fringe, actor Alan Miller-Hall from the National Student Theatre Company was confident he could break the world record for remaining motionless, which was in excess of five hours.

Unfortunately for him, as he stood still outside the Edinburgh Wax Museum a bad cold brought a sneezing halt to his attempt.

There was nothing still about the record attempt being made in North Berwick in August 1998 – in fact, it was all about growing.

At 215 metres, the U-shaped border at Dirleton Castle was longer than two football pitches and owners hoped it could find a place as the biggest garden in the record books.