Restaurant Review: Timberyard, 10 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh

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PUSHING through two of the largest doors ever seen, we were met with quite simply the most amazing space in Edinburgh. Decorated with scores of candles and solid wood tables the main lighting came from bare bulbs dangling from the shell of the industrial relic.

My friend chose the Kernel Summit IPA (£7) whilst I opted for a refreshing Rhubarb and Cucumber cocktail (£5) whilst we took in the short but complex menu. With Bites, Smalls, Larges and Sweets, ingredients are locally sourced and the combinations inspired.

To start, we shared a Bite of raw Scotch beef (£3.50) and a Small North Uist crab mayonnaise (£7.50). Closer to three bites, the beef was perfectly accented with a pickled cucumber and a sprinkling of wood sorrel. The crab was melt in the mouth, delicious with the brown toast.

Although the portions of the Larges were on the small side, the quality was unquestionably good. My rolled lamb loin (£17.50) with barley, celeriac and spinach was faultless and the cured and braised pork belly (£16.50) with courgette, honey mustard carrots and mash interspersed with crystals of sea salt opposite me followed suit. Finally our British artisan cheeseboard (£8) and special burnt Aberdeen cream (£6.50), which is similar to a crème brulée, with the softest shortbread ever tasted completed the meal admirably. Truly enjoyable, the only fault, and then only if really searching, would be the leisurely service if you were pushed for time. With prices on the upper range of the scale, it is nonetheless well worth it as a treat – keep an eye out for new Sunday opening hours.

• Timberyard, 10 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh, Tel 221 1222.