Shopping: Beard beanie the cool way to stay warm

A beard beanie
A beard beanie
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IT’s the must-have accessory for those wanting to keep warm and look stylish – if you’re brave enough to wear it.

The beard beanie has become something of an internet craze since popping up last year, and as well as providing a laugh for onlookers it is also a surprisingly simple idea for keeping the freezing cold off your face.

With the cold snap well and truly under way, now is the time to pick one up, along with those other “must have” essentials to keep you safe and warm. Going back to basics and investing in a few key items should make the cold dark days and nights that little bit more bearable.

Loading up your car with some essentials might seem a bit dramatic, but just a few simple items could ensure your survival should you break down in the middle of nowhere.

During snowy and icy weather, it is a good idea to keep a shovel in the boot to dig yourself out of any snow-related disasters, while a survival blanket may also come in handy if you are stuck in the cold for a long period of time.

A pocket compass is also a good item to have on hand, as well as a torch or – if you’re feeling adventurous – a funky headlight.

The snowy weather is also the perfect excuse to invest in good quality winter wardrobe basics, including thick gloves, a hat, scarf and a decent water and wind-proof jacket. And just because you’re being practical, doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable.

Choose a brightly-coloured hat, scarf and gloves set to chase away the winter blues, or substitute a plain functional woolly hat for a fun knitted owl hat.