Sir Tommy will be among those remembered today

Sir Tommy out on the hills
Sir Tommy out on the hills
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An Edinburgh born soldier who became Britain’s most decorated warrior for his audacious exploits during the Second World War – which included single-handedly forcing a column of German troops and SS Panzer tanks to surrender – has died at the age 94.

Sir Tommy Macpherson, who fought with No 11 (Scottish) Commando in Europe, and was awarded the Military Cross three times, the Croix de Guerre three times and the Legion d’Honneur, died on Thursday.

He is among the former servicemen and women who will be honoured today in a host of Remembrance Sunday events in towns, cities and villages across Scotland.

Renowned for his bravery, Sir Tommy was only 23 when he was part of a forward party in occupied France ahead of D Day. He caused so much damage to German military infrastructure that they placed a massive price of 300,000 francs on his head.

His most fearless act came during the same deployment. He confronted the leader of a 23,000-strong column of battle-hardened troops, led by an SS Panzer division, persuaded them they were outnumbered and outgunned by Allied forces, and forced them to surrender.