Veterans support murder charge marines

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EX-servicemen rallied in Edinburgh yesterday as part of a series of demonstrations demanding justice for five Royal Marines facing murder charges for the killing of an Afghan national.

Around 60 supporters gathered outside St Giles’ Cathedral on the Royal Mile from 11am wearing green lapel ribbons and carrying placards bearing the slogan “Justice for the 5”. The show of support was organised by former Royal Highland fusilier Brian Coutts.

The marines from 3 Commando Brigade face a court hearing on November 5 after being charged with the killing last year.

Mr Coutts said: “It’s going to come to a stage where a solider there in conflict is going to wonder ‘should I pull the trigger and risk my life and the life of my comrades?’ That hesitation could cost them or other people their lives.”

Hundreds marched in their support in London, Swansea, Norwich and Devon yesterday.

Charges were brought after video footage was discovered on a computer belonging to one of the marines.

A Facebook page launched to promote their cause had 27,000 messages of support.