West Lothian Council candidates 2012



1. Linlithgow (3 cllrs)

Tom Conn Scottish Labour Party

Martyn Day Scottish National Party (SNP)

Cherie Finlay Action To Save St.John’s Hospital

Tom Kerr Scottish Conservative and Unionist

David Tait Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ernest Wilson Scottish National Front - The Real


2. Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh (4 cllrs)

Tony Boyle Scottish Labour Party

Diane Calder Scottish National Party (SNP)

Janet Campbell Scottish National Party (SNP)

Alex Davidson Scottish Labour Party

Ellen Glass Action To Save St.John’s Hospital

Jack Thompson Scottish Conservative and Unionist

3. Livingston North (4 cllrs)

Alison Adamson Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Robert De Bold Scottish National Party (SNP)

Caron Marianne Howden Scottish Liberal Democrats

Claire Lynch Action To Save St.John’s Hospital

Anne McMillan Scottish Labour Party

Andrew Miller Scottish National Party (SNP)

Angela Moohan Scottish Labour Party

Annmargaret Watson Scottish National Party (SNP)

4. Livingston South (4 cllrs)

Nick Davis Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Lawrence Fitzpatrick Scottish Labour Party

Peter Johnston Scottish National Party (SNP)

John Lindsay Scottish National Party (SNP)

Danny Logue Scottish Labour Party

Derreck Allen McCullough Action To Save St.John’s Hospital

John Muir Scottish National Party (SNP)

5. East Livingston and East Calder (4 cllrs)

Frank Anderson Scottish National Party (SNP)

Lis Bardell Scottish National Party (SNP)

Jean Ann Finch Action To Save St.John’s Hospital

Carl John Scottish National Party (SNP)

Dave King Scottish Labour Party

Evelyn Stirling Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Frank Toner Scottish Labour Party

6. Fauldhouse and the Briech Valley (3 cllrs)

David Dodds Scottish Labour Party

Garry Knox Scottish National Party (SNP)

Alastair Lowrie Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Greg McCarra Scottish National Party (SNP)

Cathy Muldoon Scottish Labour Party

Jim Warnock Action To Save St.John’s Hospital

7. Whitburn and Blackburn (4 cllrs)

Gordon Beurskens Action to Save St.John’s Hospital

Jim Dickson Scottish National Party (SNP)

Mary Dickson Scottish National Party (SNP)

Robert Durie Howden Scottish Liberal Democrats

Stuart Martin Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Neil McIvor Scottish National Front - The Real


George Paul Scottish Labour Party

Barry Robertson Scottish Labour Party

8. Bathgate (4 cllrs)

Douglas James Banks Action To Save St.John’s Hospital

William H. Boyle Scottish National Party (SNP)

Harry Cartmill Scottish Labour Party

Jamie Firth Independent

Alistair Forrest UK Independence Party

Charles Kennedy Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Calum Laurie Scottish National Party (SNP)

John McGinty Scottish Labour Party

Jim Walker Scottish National Party (SNP)

9. Armadale and Blackridge (3 cllrs)

Stuart Borrowman Independent

Jim Dixon Scottish Labour Party

Isabel Hutton Scottish National Party (SNP)

Marion Kerr Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Dean Williamson Scottish National Party (SNP)




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