Our Edinburgh

Our Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s unbuilt Inner Ring Road

A six-lane motorway to encircle and split the Old and New Towns, the flattening Haymarket and Tollcross, the filling-in of Inverleith pond, and tunnels beneath Calton Hill. These were just some of the things on offer when Edinburgh’s inner ring road was approved.

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A collage of the Waverley Market site over the years.

In pictures: Waverley Market throughout the years

THERE has been a communal market area in the Waverley valley at the east end of Princes Street for well over a century.

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Signage at Jolly Giant in Peffermill, Edinburgh, which opened in 1991. Picture: TSPL

Remembering The Jolly Giant: Scotland’s Toys “R” Us

NOT to be confused with his veg-loving, green-coloured American cousin, the ‘Jolly Giant’ was the colossal poster boy for a now defunct UK toy chain that enjoyed massive popularity during the eighties and nineties.

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Leith butcher is crowned steak pie champion

Leith butcher is crowned steak pie champion

A Leith butcher has seen off competition from the upper crust of the meat industry to be crowned the 2017 Scottish Craft Butchers Steak Pie Champion.

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In pictures: Aurora Borealis captured over Edinburgh

NATURE’S jaw-dropping beauty was plain for all to see as the Aurora Borealis burst into life in the skies over Edinburgh overnight.

Abandoned lighthouse at Granton Western Harbour. Picture: Magnus Hagdorn

6 of Edinburgh’s most fascinating abandoned places

So strong is the will to preserve the old in Edinburgh that the city is filled with all manner of abandoned buildings and forgotten structures, waiting patiently for the day they might be re-used.

The Hearth of Midlothian. Picture: Cate Gillon

8 of Edinburgh’s most bizarre traditions explained

Edinburgh is home to more than its fair share of unusual customs, both historical and modern.

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Northumbrian king or Celtic tribe - how did Edinburgh get its name?

Northumbrian king or Celtic tribe - how did Edinburgh get its name?

The origin of the name Edinburgh has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.

A workman cleans Bobby after vandals threw paint over him in April 1979. Picture: TSPL

Lost Edinburgh: Greyfriars Bobby has been in the wars before

Topic of the week for anyone with one eye on Edinburgh heritage matters has been the plight of the city’s favourite dog and his fast-disappearing muzzle.

Princes Street. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Do you remember what these Edinburgh shops were 5 years ago?

We all remember the old shops and restaurants that once stood in Edinburgh’s streets, but can you remember what these ones were before they were replaced over the last 5 years or so?

When a tunnel ran under the Forth

When a tunnel ran under the Forth

THE deafening roar of the drill stuttered and finally stopped.

The Queen stands with Lord Provost Weatherstone at opening of the Forth Road Bridge on September 4, 1964. Picture: TSPL

In pictures: Opening of the Forth Road Bridge in 1964

The Queen will officially open the new Queensferry Crossing on September 4, 53 years to the day when she opened the neighbouring Forth Road Bridge.

Edinburgh is one of the great literary cities in the world. Picture: Ian Rutherford

10 books about Edinburgh that everyone should read

Edinburgh has a great literary past, but the love of books is still alive and well in the city today.


Video: Laurel and Hardy mobbed in Edinburgh in 1932

They were the megastars of their day - and it showed when they pulled into Edinburgh’s Waverley Station.


Grant Stott and Andy Gray star in history of Dominion film

Research for this year’s Grant Stott festival frolic had the panto king delving through the caverns of one of the city’s most loved independent cinemas.

Maya Hynes was diagnosed with myopia when she was four years old. Picture: Contributed

Groundbreaking new treatment slows girl’s eye condition

A SIX-year-old girl has become one of the first patients to receive pioneering treatment in Edinburgh that halts short-sightedness in children.

Tom Wallace is celebrating working on the railways for 50 years. Picture: Andrew O'Brien

‘Accidental’ rail worker to mark 50 years of service

A MAN who has helped maintain the Capital’s trains for nearly half a decade has described how he fell into the job almost by accident.

The colonies were designed to be flats that felt like a house, giving families their own front door and garden. Picture: Contributed

How the colonies became an Edinburgh institution

The so-called Edinburgh colonies are some of the most sought after properties in the city, with the average price for a two bedroom colony house reaching up to £250,000.

WhereartI? Can you name this location?

EdinburghSketcher’s WhereArtI quiz: Can you name this location?

Play along. Where is this?

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The kitchen has original arches and wood panelling, Hunter Residential

The historic Scottish castle near Edinburgh offering Airbnb apartments

If staying in a 17th century Scottish castle seems like the thing of dreams then take a look at Pitreavie Castle, which is offering the chance to rent apartments through Airbnb.

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