Boxing: Black day for McMillan as icy mishap KOs Gavin fight

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Edinburgh’s British Masters welterweight champion Gary McMillan admitted today that he was “totally gutted” as he was ruled out of a forthcoming glamour fight after slipping on black ice.

McMillan was scheduled to take on former world amateur champion Frankie Gavin in a British title eliminator fight in Cardiff on February 25, but the groin injury sustained while slipping during a road work session in South Queensferry has put him out of action for six weeks.

Explained a disconsolate McMillan: “I was doing road work under the Forth Rail Bridge with my coach Terry McCormack when I hit a patch of black ice and went flying up in the air.

“I was taken to hospital and the medics have told me to rest up for six weeks due to serious groin muscle damage that I’ve suffered, so bang goes my fight with Gavin and a possible chance to challenge British champion Colin Lynes.

“I’m absolutely gutted. This is the second time in my career that this has happened to me. When I was on the verge of a British welterweight title eliminator two years ago, I was poised to fight Manchester’s Michael Jennings when he called off injured. I’m beginning to think that I’m jinxed.”

Meanwhile, Capital middleweight Craig McEwan confirmed he has applied to the British Board of Boxing Control for a British boxers licence to help clear the way to box on Edinburgh promoter Alex Arthur’s Meadowbank show on April 14.

McEwan said: “Right now, I’m classed by the British Boxing Board as a foreign fighter because all I have is a California boxing licence which would make ineligible to challenge for a British title. So I’m currently applying for my British licence – it means passing a medical and other tests but I’m confident that I’ll pass then launch my campaign as a British pro boxer.”