Build-up to Simmons’ fight with Camacho boils over

Stephen Simmons, right, faces Wadi Camacho (SNS)
Stephen Simmons, right, faces Wadi Camacho (SNS)
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EDINBURGH boxer Stephen Simmons caused quite a stir at the press conference of compatriot Ricky Burns’ comeback as he bids to defend his WBO lightweight title fight in Glasgow on March 1.

Cruiserweight Simmons, 29, is also scheduled for promoter Eddie Hearn’s show at the SECC where the Edinburgh star welcomes the challenge of English opponent Wadi Camacho, aiming to retain his WBC International Silver cruiserweight title – a belt he won at the same venue in September by defeating Germany’s David Graf.

As the pair locked heads together while promoting their bout for the photographers and TV cameras gathered at Glasgow’s City Halls yesterday, both Simmons and his opponent, 28, had to be separated by Hearn as their exchange threatened to escalate into something more than just a ‘staring match’.

After being pulled away from their respective coaches and trainers, the insults continued at one another long after the press conference had been concluded.

Simmons was heard calling Camacho a “horrible looking rodent – a rat” before the Londoner replied with “See your face yeah? I am going to fix your face”.

Camacho was sporadically shouting “cookie monster” at the Edinburgh fighter and the traditional head-to-head photo opportunity became literal as both men pressed foreheads together before being separated by Hearn. The feud between the boxers started on social networking site Twitter after Simmons claimed Camacho was taking the banter to a “personal level” with references to Simmons’ family.

Afterwards Hearn said: “There has been a lot of build-up on Twitter and social media and things get personal and what you saw there was a culmination of the hype and the banter that has turned a little bit sour.

“It is two guys who don’t really like each other.”