Threat of title-stripping leaves Charles Green opposed to SPL reconstruction plans

Charles Green wrote to the Montrose chairman

Charles Green wrote to the Montrose chairman

CHARLES Green is refusing to back the SPL’s proposed changes to Scottish football while the threat of Rangers being stripped of their titles is still a possibility.

The SPL are proposing altering Scottish football to create two leagues of 12 which would split into three divisions of eight after two rounds of fixtures, with no provision made for the remaining 18 teams.

The SFL, on the other hand, unveiled plans for a 3-tier system of 16, 10 and 16 teams respectively and whilst Charles Green is yet to study either plan in great detail, the Rangers chief is adamant that the club wouldn’t return to the SPL in its current state.

Green stated: “I have said before that I wouldn’t return to the SPL in its current form and I stand by that - it just won’t happen.”

Green is still unhappy with the club’s treatment by the SPL, especially the threat of title-stripping and the delay until late January before a decision will be made.

The former Sheffield United chief doesn’t believe stripping Rangers of previously won titles will have the desired effect, and while he has refused to engage with the SPL, Green added: “I accept that while Rangers are the biggest club in Scotland we are not the only club, and while we have to do what’s right for Rangers we have to do what’s right for Scottish football.

“There are a lot of questions out there that need answered and as Rangers are the biggest club in Scotland, we will be playing an active part with all of the groups to see how this problem in Scotland can be fixed and how we can mend the hurt that has been caused in the last year or more.”

The Rangers chief admitted that he was yet to see the proposals from both the SPL and SFL but said that he needed more information before deciding what the best route for the Ibrox club was.




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