Broxburn boss hits out at referee

Steve Pittman was sent off. Picture: Malcolm McCurrach
Steve Pittman was sent off. Picture: Malcolm McCurrach
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Broxburn boss Stevie Pittman believes his side deserved more than just the point claimed from their 1-1 draw with Newtongrange Star.

Pittman was sent to the stands following his criticism of referee Evan Cairns following two controversial penalty decisions, and afterwards said: “We deserved better than that result. The referee killed the game dead for both sides and I was sent off for his mistakes.”

The game wasn’t helped by a strong wind but it was the referee who took centre stage with the first penalty decision. A corner for Broxburn on the right was cleared out to Keith Barr, who blasted a great shot back with Star keeper Keiron Renton making a super save, pushing the ball on to the post. In the melee that followed, Renton kicked the ball clear but the referee blew for a penalty. He said there was a foul in the box but he did not know who committed the foul and therefore could not send the guilty player off. This outraged Pittman and a heated argument followed. Mark Cowan scored from the spot to give Broxburn an interval lead.

More drama followed in the 55th minute when a long ball was chased by Sean Jamieson into the Broxburn box. Substitute keeper Chris Flockhart, who had come on for the injured Gary Maley in the first half, came out to catch the ball. The wind carried the ball between Jamieson and Flockhart with the two players falling in a heap. The referee blew for a penalty and sent Flockhart off. This decision again outraged Pittman and he was sent off.

Broxburn’s young trialist full back Marcus Miller took the keeper’s gloves but couldn’t stop Gary Cherrie from drawing his side level from the spot.

There was no more scoring but Newtongrange hit the post through a Chris King special as they piled the pressure on the ten men. On the ref’s performance, Star boss Alan Miller agreed with his counterpart, saying: “Where he got the decisions from is anybody’s guess.”

Pittman added: “I am going to be fined and probably suspended because of the referee’s mistakes.”

Broxburn Athletic: Maley (Flockhart), Locke, M Miller, J Miller, Clark (Fairbairn), Barr, Donaldson, Young, Cowan, Easton, Keast. Subs: Cormack.

Newtongrange: Ke Renton, McManus, Noble, Tolmie, Dunn, Cherrie, Cropley (Court), Thomson, Jamieson, C King, M King. Subs: Kr Renton, Swaney, Amos.