Scotland V Belgium: What the fans say

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Frazer Henderson, Aberdeen: “We have had a draw in Lithuania, the Czech debacle and handling of the Fletcher farce, three competitive wins all by the odd goal including an injury time winner against Liechtenstein, coupled with two points from a home double header and zero from an away double header. If Craig Levein is not at the job centre there is something far wrong.

It is 
time for the SFA to stop 
pussy-footing around and go and get Gordon Strachan to rescue our national team. Give him the rest of the current campaign to rebuild and prepare the team for qualification for France 2016. If we miss out on that tournament with its increased number of competing teams then we might as well just give up.”

Paul Prior, Leith: “I think Craig Levein’s time is now up and he most likely knows this as well. We had the fixtures we needed to get off to a flying start in this group and just failed to capitalise on it. Who knows whether having Steven Fletcher in the squad earlier would have made a difference, but the fact of the matter is we’re on two points with no chance of qualification which just isn’t good enough.”

Frank Taylor, Granton: “We just weren’t at the races – it was men against boys and Belgium brushed us aside. As things stand we must be at serious risk of dropping into the bottom pot of European seeds and that would make it very difficult for us ever to qualify for a major tournament again. Realistically we need to get some self-respect back with a few victories in the remaining qualifiers which are more or less meaningless for us now. If Levein goes then Joe Jordan would be my choice as our new manager.”

Ian Smith, Newhaven: “We put in a rubbish performance – aside from maybe ten minutes. We just didn’t seem to want to give Belgium a game and seemed resigned to losing this one before it even started. Granted, they are a multi-million pound team but we’ve given better teams than this more of a game. I really think Levein has run out of ideas now and Strachan would be my preferred choice as our new manager.”

Paul Smith, Newhaven: “A new manager with new ideas is needed and for me somebody like Graeme Souness, who knows what it means to play for Scotland and would stand for no nonsense, is the kind of boss we need, assuming he would want the job. Names like Smith and McLeish have also been mentioned but we need to look forward rather than back I think.”

Jimmy Mulvanney, Dalry: “The appointment of Craig Levein offered a lot of promise given he had done reasonably well at club level, but it just goes to show you that being a good club manager does not necessarily mean you’ll be a decent international manager. I thought Scotland seemed to be going through the motions against Belgium and had no desire or passion to win. A new manager needs to be able to restore that.”