Elise Christie cries foul following 1000m ‘push’

Elise Christie chases Park Seung-Hi, from South Korea, in the 500 metre final
Elise Christie chases Park Seung-Hi, from South Korea, in the 500 metre final
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Elise Christie finally got her hands on a medal by taking silver in the 500 metres at the Short Track Speed Skating World Championships in Montreal.

But the achievement was tainted slightly after the Livingston ace believed that she fell foul of a push in the 1000m final, denying her a second medal.

The 23-year-old, who was infamously disqualified three times during last month’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, finished second in Saturday’s 500m final, losing out to South Korean Park Seung-hi. However, Christie felt she was the victim of unsporting behaviour in yesterday’s 1000m final, claiming the referee failed to spot a blatant push by Suk Hee Shim, who went on to take gold.

“I am annoyed,” said Christie, who left the ice in disgust following the race. “I got hit and there should have been a call for it, but there wasn’t. After she hit me, I couldn’t get my speed back up again. To give a hit that early on in a race, it’s not really a sportsmanly-type thing to do.

“But she did it and fair dos, she got a medal. It worked for her, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

“I can’t change it now. I can’t go ‘what if’. At the Olympics I got disqualified for less than that and she’s pushed me almost off the track. That’s the only reason I’m a bit sour. I’ll talk to her about it when I see her later, but there’s nothing we can do to change it.”

Reflecting on the more positive events 24 hours earlier, Christie added: “After everything that’s happened over the last couple of months I’m so happy to finally get a medal.

“I’m a little disappointed not to win gold. I think I hesitated and sat back a bit on that final bend because I kept thinking back to what happened at the Olympics, but I got silver and that’s one better than last year, so I’m thrilled. I was more pleased with that result because I didn’t skate that well yesterday, so I wasn’t sure how today would go.

“Now I’ve done this and it takes the pressure off going into the 1000m tomorrow so I’m just going to go out, enjoy it and see what happens.”