This loch more than a Fad

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Back end of the season for me has always been the Loch Fad Autumn pairs, writes 

Although a serious competition it has its social side with all the anglers and fishery staff. It all starts on the ferry over with great expectations of lots of fish and big ones as well.

After tackling up on a fast glass line and the usual killers of Orange Blob on the dropper and Yellow Dancer on the point, my boat partner and I were ready for whatever lay ahead. Our first drift was on to the dam wall, which produces good sport every year. First cast and a big bow wave appears behind my blob and it follows but does not take right away. I cast back in to the same area and twice the stupid fish snapped but missed it but it was encouraging. It soon became apparent that the more successful boats were getting most of the fish hard in to the dam wall. As the wind picked up, the boats all came very close to one another. I got my first of two fish on a small Yellow Dancer casting on to the dam.

Although I got one or two tentative offers after that was to be that. Overall winners from the west coast were Derek Keenan and Laurie Taylor who found fish further up the loch and had 26 fish over two days mainly on Cormorants. It was hard going but the social side made it all worthwhile and there is always next year