Edinburgh DJ offered £500 for rare mispressed Beyonce vinyl

An Edinburgh DJ has been bombared with offers from around the globe for a mispressed Beyonce vinyl that rather than playing the much-loved singer, plays a Canadian punk band.

Wednesday, 20th September 2017, 3:18 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 11:36 am
Dale Lush owns one of the rare mispressed vinyls. Pictures via Dale Lush.

35-year-old Dale Lush got in touch with the Edinburgh Evening News via Facebook to inform them of the rare mispress.

The DJ’s copy of Beyonce’s vinyl featured songs by Canadian punk band Zex rather than hit songs from her Lemonade album.

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Media outlets have been quick to report on the rare mispress of the album.

According to the record company only 27 copies of the error actually exist.

Dale, who has been offered £500 so far for the album does not wish to sell it for such a price, believing it could be worth more, and his phone has already been ringing ‘non stop’ from offers from around the world.

The DJ who plays at Le Monde, Sygn, Foundry 39 and Soul Kitchen said: “I’m a DJ and a vinyl collector as well.

“Beyonce’s album was massive last year so all vinyl collectors were keen to get their hands on the official limited vinyl package.

“My copy arrived on Friday and it looked I though ‘Oh my gosh, it looks gorgeous’ but I didn’t get round to listening to it until Saturday.

“I opened it and it was fantastic – really well put together.

“I went to play it and instead of Queen Bey hits such as Pray You Catch Me, Hold Up and Don’t Hurt Yourself – I heard this punk band come bouncing out the speakers.

“I was like ‘Oh right, have I pressed something wrong? Is that noise coming from my TV? What is that?’

“I didn’t really know what to do – so I Shazam’d it and it came up as the punk band called Zex in Ottawa in Canada.”

He added: “I’ve been getting offers from all around the world to buy my copy.

“The highest offer I’ve had so far is £500 – which I refused.

“It’s so limited, Sony have just put out a statement saying it’s a tiny batch.

“The latest number I heard reported was 27 copies

“A range of Beyonce fans, Zex fans and vinyl collectors have all been in touch.

“Mispresses are extremely valuable.

“I have a massive vinyl collection myself but I will be up for selling this one for the right offer.”

Sony said on Monday: “Due to human error at the Celebrate Records plant in Germany, which Sony uses to manufacture vinyl, a small amount of the European run of the Beyoncé “Lemonade” vinyl included music from Canadian punk band, ZEX, on Side A.

“Beyoncé and ZEX were not aware of or responsible for the mispress.

Fans who purchased the vinyl will be refunded and given a replacement copy.

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.”

Dale has been quick to react to the error, even updating his Twitter profile as “Vinyl - Owner of Beyoncé/Zex vinyl” and has told the Evening News that the record is for sale if a collector makes an offer.

He also admitted that despite owning the record (albeit via an error) he is not really a fan of ZEX.