Love Island 2020 cast: full line-up of contestants for Winter Love Island and when it starts on ITV2

The colourful swimsuits, sun-drenched banter and muggy goings-on of Love Island feel like an age away.

Thursday, 9th January 2020, 11:17 am

But viewers of TV's most entertaining romantic car crash are in for a treat as the reality show returns for another helping this winter.

Yes, for the first time a purpose-built villa in the sun-drenched climes of South Africa will be bursting at the seams with randy hopefuls eager to become the first ever winners of Winter Love Island.

The starting line up has officially been announced, and we can expect celebrity siblings, famous exes and influencers galore as the series starts on ITV2 on Sunday 12 January with brand new host, Laura Whitmore.

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(Image: ITV)

Here's who'll be pining for love this time around.

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Leanne Amaning

A 22-year oldcustomer service adviser from London, Leanne describes herself as "a 10" and says her best feature is her eyes: "If you don’t love yourself, who will?"

Leanne (Photo: ITV)

Her ideal man is "someone who is rugged and manly, not anyone with a pretty face," and she also wants "someone loyal."

When asked whether she'll be trustworthy in love in the villa, she replied: "Depends how much I like someone. If I don’t like you that much then I’m not loyal."

Mike Boateng

Here's hoping the streets of London remain safe as Mike embarks on lengthy annual leave from his post as a police officer to enter the Love Island villa.

Mike (Photo: ITV)

The 25-year-old says he is "willing" to step on a few toes and burn a few bridges to find the love of his life.

And seeing as this series' contestants are all desperately clutching at their claim to fame straws, "My brother was on The Apprentice a few years ago," says Mike.

Nas Majeed

This series' sole graduate, 23-year-old Nas is currently putting his sports science degree to good use as a... builder.

Nas (Photo: ITV)

Describing himself as "very different" to guys who have been on the show before, Nas says he is "funny, always myself, caring and considerate", adjectives that no Love Island entrant has previously uttered until now.

A bit of a cinephile, Nas' celebrity crush is Naomi Scott, "who plays Princess Jasmine in the remake of Aladdin."

Paige Turley

Scots will no doubt be cheering on Paige, a 22-year old singer from West Lothian with a rather famous ex boyfriend.

"Lewis Capaldi is my ex boyfriend," she says, "we went out when we were younger, I was about 17 or 18. We were together for about a year. It ended really amicably and we’re still pals."

Paige wants to find "someone who is different, and outside the small village mentality," which is a shame because Capaldi was getting kinda used to being someone she loved.

Paige (Photo: ITV)

Siânnise Fudge

25-year-old Siânnise is a beauty consultant who says she is "sassy".

"My friends call me Princess Jasmine and the Eyebrow Queen," says the Bristolian. "If I see something I want, I’m not afraid to go for it. That’s what I’m going into the villa to do. I’m up for a challenge!"

Callum Jones

A scaffolder from Manchester, 23-year-old Callum is gunning for the working class vote with his"cheeky chap" persona, "builders’ banter" and his incredibly "down to earth" attitude.

"I always fancy girls with dark hair, tanned skin, red lipstick and white nail polish," he says, describing 99% of Love Island contestants, and says, "I’ve got dimples".

Attractiveness confirmed.

Eve and Jess Gale

Twins Eve and Jess could end up sharing a man, a concept that apparently isn't all that alien to the twosome.

"Some boys will be messaging me and Jessica at the same time," says Eve, "I don’t think they think we talk."

But the 20-year-olds from London - who are both students and VIP hostesses - are "not going to argue over a boy."

Connor Durman

This series' 'random object salesman' is Connor, a 25-year-old from Brighton, who's day job is shifting coffee beans.

Connor's looking for somebody who is "outgoing" with "a big personality, loving and I don’t want her to be embarrassed to show it in front of people."

His most disastrous dating experience came when he went back to a girl's house for more drinks and "ended up getting on really well with her housemate."

The cad.

Sophie Piper

Sophie has a famous sister in ex-Saturdays star and presenterRochelle Humes, but says her own talent is balancing "a Malteser in my cheek dimples."

Anthony Joshua is the Essex native's celebrity crush, and yells "'Come on, use your right hook!'" whenever she sees him fight - "I have no idea what I’m talking about."

The 21-year-old medical PA once finished a date with Camembert hanging from her mouth, so has been through Some Stuff.

Shaughna Phillips

Democratic services officer Shaughna describes herself - with no hint of irony - as "chatty, funny and clever," and says when people hear her "speak about certain things they’ll be shocked."

The 25-year-old says her best feature is her lips - " I spent enough money on them!" - and the Londoner wants a man who is funny and a "little bit" smart, although "not smarter than me as I’d get really annoyed."

"I want someone I can watch the news with and have a conversation about it."

Ollie Williams

Killing some time before he inherits the Lanhydrock Estate in Cornwall, 23-year-old Ollie describes himself as an "alpha male", and says "wherever I go, I boss the room, I boss whatever I’m doing."

His best chat up line is: "Do you know Polzeath beach in Cornwall? I own it."

"I’m probably a 10. I think my best feature is my body, closely followed by my wit."