TV Review: Alphas, Five*, 10pm, last night

IT’S the latest big thing from America, a groundbreaking show about a team of dysfunctional superheroes thrown together to save the world.

By Gareth Edwards
Wednesday, 19th October 2011, 11:14 am

OK, so there’s nothing particularly new or groundbreaking or fresh about Alphas, which on the strength of its pilot is just another show looking to have the heavy emotional plots AND kick-ass superhero action which should ensure bumper viewing figures.

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Except it was all very samey. Being American it lacked the gritty British humour of Misfits, and by opting for the ‘enhanced abilities’ route - character powers include straining, grunting, being a bit stronger then normal; being, er, autistic, and having the same persuasive skills as Derren Brown - it misses out on the outlandish ‘invincible cheerleader’-type stuff that made Heroes such a joy.

What it lacks in orginality, excitement and humour, however, it makes up for in talent, with David Strathairn having a ball as team leader Dr Lee Rosen. Hopefully he’s talented enough to keep this going until the scripts improve.