TV Review: Spooks, BBC One, 9pm, last night

IT’s almost over for Spooks, and for put-upon spymaster Harry Pearce that’s probably no bad thing.

By Gareth Edwards
Monday, 17th October 2011, 9:47 am

He’s suffered more than his fair share of tortures and let downs over the years, and this season it’s been cranked up a notch with the arrival of his former KGB triple-agent lover and forgotten Russian son, all of whom have wound up entangled in bizarre conflict between MI5 (?) and the CIA, of all people.

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Still, this being the final series there’s no reason why Harry shouldn’t, say, kidnap a leading CIA operative, then let him get double kidnapped and beaten to death by the real - and still mysterious - bad-guys.

He’s burning his bridges and all his old secrets in a big way, and with him in the hands of the CIA, he’s going to have a hard time foiling the inevitable storm.

Faithful companion Ruth, meanwhile, has been moved up (or sideways) to the Home Office, in what could either be nifty planning for a spin-off or - and this seems more likely - a way to put her in deadly danger for the big finale.