TV Review: Young Apprentice

BBC1, 9pm, last night

By Gareth Edwards
Tuesday, 25th October 2011, 10:24 am

AFTER proving a huge success last year, Lord Sugar has again opened up the toughest business challenge on TV to the nation’s most over-eager teenagers.

The format probably works so well because instead of a group of professional adults acting like children, they have a group of children who, despite being dressed like city traders and spouting the nonsensical motivational mantras so beloved of this show’s adult version, still act like children when the tensions start to rise.

And while he’s a much nicer fellow to talk to in these shows, Lord Sugar still makes sure the tension is there from the off, with the teams split up and packed off to flog ice creams to a bewildered public while Nick raised his eyebrow and Karen looked alternately bemused and annoyed.

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They made the same mistakes as always, although it’s not quite as frustrating, since they’re not already working in high-paid jobs, and even the boardroom was something of a love-in, presumably to avoid Lord Sugar being called a hideous bully.

The kids themselves are another winning combination.