Gareth Edwards’ TV Review 12/10/2011

The Body FarmBBC Two, 9pm, last night

By Gareth Edwards
Wednesday, 12th October 2011, 12:59 pm

THERE’s a lot that can be learned from looking closely at a decaying corpse and picking over the method in which it was horribly butchered.

Like pieces of a jigsaw we can, through studious examination of the bones, the blood and the damage done to the surrounding tissue, hope to find out just how it happened, and maybe even who was responsible.

But before the BBC trawled over the carcass of the Edinburgh tram disaster there was body mining of a different sort, as Tara Fitzgerald’s Dr Eve Lockhart investigated the fiery death of a prominent human rights lawyer.

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After getting her ridiculously pompous monologue out of the way she got on with spouting unhelpful gibberish at her staff as they raced against time to reconstruct the deadly fire in a bid to see what happened.

Perhaps it’s a method that could be applied to the trams, with the BBC putting together a replica team of ill-prepared councillors and asking them to handle a major transport project. As long as it all stays in the lab.