Review: Some Like It Hip Hop, Festival Theatre

In a place with no sun and a ban on books, Jo-Jo (Sarah Richards) and Kerri (Minica Beason) are the victims of a man’s world: they find themselves outside in the cold after being sacked for breaking the rules.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 7th November 2012, 12:00 pm

* * * *

Inspiration strikes when they see a sign: Men Wanted For Work, and some ill-fitting suits and false moustaches give them everything they need to return to the job. Things get complicated when Jo-Jo falls for Simeon (Denny Haywood) and Oprah (Natasha Gooden) falls for Kerri. Chaos ensues.

From the company who created Into the Hoods, bringing hip-hop out of the shadows and on to the stage, comes a new visual extravaganza on their first ever tour.

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Some Like it Hip Hop is a feelgood frenzy of mistaken identity brought to life with slapstick comedy and a series of catchy tunes.

Formed in 2002, ZooNation have gone from strength to strength over the last ten years. They’ve performed at the Laurence Olivier Awards, Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday party and the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Handover ceremonies among many others.

Following a five-star run in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Into the Hoods appeared in the West End.

Some Like It Hip Hop is a story of equality and love told through soulful song and dramatic dance. Every flick, kick, snap and twirl is precisely executed against the bass that beats at the heart of each track.

The lyrics are clichéd, but easy to overlook as the whole ensemble perform a high-energy collection of dances and seem to defy the abilities of an average human body. With colourful lighting that reflects the changes in music and story this is in every way a spectacle, but also a celebration of the joy of dancing.

The company’s ethos is to promote the spirit of hip-hop, and strives to remove all negative connotations of it. What better way to do that than create an inspiring, toe-tapping trip to the theatre that will delight young and old alike?

Run ends November 7