TV Review: Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA, Channel 4, 10pm, last night

GORDON Ramsay knows how to come up with a winning formula, and while his blend of offensive personal abuse, screaming, shouting, and just a hint of cookery advice went down a treat in the UK, over in America his Kitchen Nightmares series has picked up that little extra zest.

This tends to come from the utterly deluded restaurant owners Gordon has been helping.

In the UK, most just seemed downtrodden and jaded, but not in the good ol’ US of A. Nope, here even an empty restaurant, cowed staff and unhappy customers wasn’t enough to convince the managers that something needed changing.

Once again the fiery Ramsay found himself up against it when he tried to revitalise grimy New Orleans food-shack Zeke’s.

All it took in the end was a menu change, a bit more faith in the surprisingly talented chefs and a complete makeover for the horrid decor. Of course, in order to get there Gordon had to unleash a barrage of industrial language on the startled owners.