The Voice star Saskia cuts tracks for debut EP

Fresh from the studio lights of ITV's The Voice, singing star Saskia Eng has laid down original tracks for a blazing new EP.

Thursday, 10th May 2018, 7:00 am
Saskia Engs new EP contains songs co-written  by her mum Leeann
Saskia Engs new EP contains songs co-written by her mum Leeann

Refusing to give up on her dream of stardom the young singer, who reached the knockout stages of the TV singing contest, has just emerged from the studio after recording a series of songs co-written by her mum Leeann.

She hopes the EP, Silence and Solitude will lead to an album deal.

The Murrayfield teenager said her first studio session went really well and she is now also on the hunt for a photographer to help her fashion a new look.

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“For the album cover I want it to look a lot different from any photos I’ve had in the past.

“As I’ve grown up and my voice is a lot different I would like to have something that sends a strong message of how far I’ve come.”

She said felt comfortable with all the songs and was feeling great about the recording and working with the “amazing” Glasgow-based producer Andy Haldane.

“I just went in and worked on two of the songs that I was adding to my EP – it took me about three vocals tales of each song and then the song was perfect. The EP recording has finished and I am just waiting to get photos and things together before I get it out there.”

Her first album will feature songs reflecting how her singing and voice has changed since she first performed publicly. “There will be a couple of ballads, and a couple of up tempo songs. There will also be a few songs people may have heard from when I was slightly younger,” Saskia said.

“People should expect a few changes from what I usually do and can also look forward to some great music written by my mum and John Mckeever.

“It’s exciting going into a studio to record – making sure it’s perfect is the main thing. And working alongside Andy to make sure it’s all high standard.

Producer and engineer Andy Haldane, who has worked with Saskia since she was 12 agreed that her vocal talents have developed.

He said: “I produced her original tracks, written by John Mckeever and a couple written by her Mum, in their entirety, playing the instruments, 
building the arrangements, recording vocals and subsequently mixing them.

“What has been interesting with these recent sessions is we have revisiting songs we recorded three and four years ago and despite thinking she sounded mature then, she has massively developed her vocal talents since. She has more control, depth of tone and character and just an all round step up.

“Nevertheless being on TV hasn’t changed her one bit – she is still as much fun to work with yet never puts a note wrong when the record light comes on.”

Saskia will launch the EP at The Corn Exchange in August with a 99p download of one of her songs as the entrance fee.