Brian Monteith

Prime Minister Theresa May announces that MPs will be allowed a vote on delaying the March 29 Brexit departure date. Picture: PA

May’s great Brexit betrayal is a denial of democracy – Brian Monteith

The deed has been done. Despite telling us on 108 occasions that the UK will be leaving the European Union on March 29, yesterday the Prime Minister announced she was giving the House of Commons the opportunity to request a short delay to that departure date. It is the first move towards the great Brexit betrayal that many of us who voted to “leave” have been readying ourselves for over the last six months.

Campaigners on both sides of the Brexit divide should quit. Picture: AFP/Getty

Brian Monteith: No deal is no problem, so let’s get behind Britain

If there is one thing that ­probably unites all but the most ­stubborn zealots still ­campaigning for or against leaving the European Union, it is that we would like to see the back of Brexit by this time next year. It has gone on too long now. We were told last year, deal or no deal, we would be leaving at 11pm on March 29 next year (it will be midnight in Brussels).

Staff in Bertie's Restaurant & Bar in Victoria Street. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Brian Monteith: I’m craving a fish supper after May’s dog’s dinner

It was quite refreshing last week to find something to write about that was not one of the two dominant issues of the last five years. Occasionally something happens that allows me to write about education or health or transport and such like – but invariably there is a dimension to the story that involves Scottish independence or Brexit, or both!


Brian Monteith: We don’t need an EU deal – why are we bothering?

I’m currently lying down in a dark room with a cool damp flannel over my forehead. I am suddenly all overcome with dizziness and sweats. Without time to see my doctor I have self-diagnosed using Google and Wikipedia that I am suffering a complete loss of nerve after agreeing with Prime ­Minister Theresa May.

Philip Hammond could have billions to spend, says Brian Monteith. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Brian Monteith: Tax cuts, more cash - it’s looking good for Brexit

If you think that was the ­Chancellor’s last Budget speech for this Parliamentary ­session then think again. Despite Spreadscare Phil telling us last year he was reducing what were ­effectively two budget announcements a year to one Budget in the ­autumn and a financial statement in the spring, there’s a very strong likelihood that there will now be another Budget next April.

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