Fiona Duff

Teenage parties can sometimes get out of hand. Picture: Getty

Fiona Duff: Son’s good clean fun at Hogmanay

If there is one thing in which I am lucky in life, it is having friends who like organising events. I’m just back from a few days way up north and west. In fact it involved a drive of more than four hours, but boy was it worth it when we got there.

Fiona is missing her weekly Pilates session

Fiona Duff: I’m aching to get back to Pilates

As I sit here typing at my computer something is rather uncomfortable. Yes, it’s my jeans which are suddenly rather tighter around my stomach. Needless to say there has been a fair deal of eating and drinking going on and a lot less exercise than usual. Some of my dog walking pals have been away and the Pilates teacher is on holiday.

A Sri Lankan cocktail should go down very nicely

Fiona Duff: A slice of Sri Lanka on the Southside

In a previous life I did a lot of travelling to far-flung places. I have been on the Trans-Siberian railway, lots of countries in South America and other places which are unknown to many people. I even went to China before it was the westernised place that it is now.

Straw shopping bags are THE thing to have on your arm this summer

Fiona Duff: Proud to be a woman of straw

Well that was a bit of a shocker earlier this week, wasn’t it? I mean, one night you go to bed thinking that the world is going a bit crazy and then you wake up to find that it has gone even more bonkers than before.

Muirfield has finally allowed women to become members. Picture: Jon Savage

Fiona Duff: Swing voters living in the past

So I am sitting in London with a friend whose ex-husband is a member at Muirfield. She’s rather pleased that the members have finally voted to allow women to join, although we both agree it’s probably about money rather than their views on women trampling around on the hallowed turf.

Patrick Fletcher and Ian Stirling are opening a distillery in Leith. Picture: Paul Brock

Fiona Duff: Young get ahead while I faff about

It is said that you know when you are getting old when the policemen appear so young. And don’t they just, but I suppose it’s good to have them of an age when they are able to sprint after some criminal who has just stolen an old lady’s handbag.

Four nights of rest, recuperation, massage and salt caves should do the trick

Fiona Duff: Polishing up on my spa treatment

As you read this I shall probably be sitting in the back of a car hurtling through the countryside of north Poland. I may well be feeling the effects of a night exploring the vodka bars of Gdansk where I spent last night. But all will be well as I am heading to a health spa for four nights of rest, recuperation, massage and salt caves.

Graduates face a struggle to find a good job

Fiona Duff: Graduation is great, but what happens next?

You have to worry about one’s kids as they head off into the big bad world. The lucky ones have a few years of respite after school if they manage to get a place at college or university. But then after all that studying and debt that has been built up, what next?

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