Helen Martin

Helen Martin: Back this new Bill to crackdown on pet thieves

NOW and then, along comes a politician proposing a great legal amendment that wins my heart and doesn’t even have the potential to anger opposition parties.

Adam McVey will surely be working to stop councillors leaving the SNP group (Picture: Lisa Ferguson)

Helen Martin: Hooray for McVey on tourist tax!

ANOTHER “hooray” is for the Edinburgh city council leader, Adam McVey SNP, who is continuing to push for a tourism tax in the city.

The garden tax policy has not been thought through. Picture: Jane Barlow

Helen Martin: Garden tax was clearly drawn up on back of fag packet

I back fellow columnist John McLellan’s opposition to the garden waste levy that Edinburgh folk are being asked to pay to maintain brown bin collection.

Argentina' Javier Mascherano pleads for mercy from ref Cuneyt Cakir. Picture: Getty

Helen Martin: The World Cup needs a naughty step

FOOTBALL is definitely not my thing. It strikes me as childish. But I’ve been amazed by some news reports and clips of World Cup on-pitch antics which intrigue and baffle me.

The banking industry is exploiting its customers and must be brought to heel. Picture: Getty

Helen Martin: It’s time to end the ‘Fat Cat Brotherhood’ of banks

CRITICISM, mistrust and anger about the banking industry is building up as more and more information and issues come to light.

The Mound was closed to traffic on Clean Air Day. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Helen Martin: Clean Air Day was beyond a choke

WE are to face many more Clean Air Days after Thursday’s model, with roads closed not only to cars but to public transport, the idea being that folk can practice yoga on The Mound rather than get a bus.

Firefighters tacke the devastating blaze that left the Glasgow School of Art building gutted. Picture: John Devlin

Helen Martin: Glasgow art school’s time has drawn to a close

I’VE worked and lived in Edinburgh for almost 30 years, but hail from Glasgow and the west where I lived for most of my first three decades.

Migrant women and children sleeping on the deck of a French rescue boat in the Med. Picture: Getty

Helen Martin: We must act now to stem the migrant tide

WHEN the EU migrant crisis began in 2015, sympathy and compassion was the priority for host governments and their people.

Speaker John Bercow did not cover himself in glory over the SNP walk-out. Picture: PA

Helen Martin: A less from history on walk-outs

COMMONS speaker John Bercow may go down in history as a great asset to the SNP.

For some frail elderly people, it is an optimistic fantasy to believe they can be looked after by their relatives (Picture: John Devlin)

Helen Martin: The crisis of how to care for our elderly

WHEN it comes to care of the elderly in their own homes, it now seems that after years of gloomily predicting the future and puzzling over how to solve such a massive financial and social problem, we have finally hit crisis point in Edinburgh.

Some people have to wait three weeks to see their GP

Helen Martin: Scrapping GP appointments might deter worried well

I HOPE my GP practice continues with its daily open surgery, no appointment required. Clearly that is not the norm in East Lothian with Wallyford, Whitecraigs and Musselburgh said to be experiencing a GP crisis with some patients waiting three weeks to see a doctor.

Perks of the privileged few at the City of Edinburgh Council anger Helen Martin

Helen Martin: Scandal of free bus passes and parking for councillors

WHEN it comes to critics of Edinburgh City Council, I am certainly relentless, though I’m not claiming to be one of the best or most effective.

This is what affordable luxury looks like, apparently

Helen Martin: Is a £1,050-a-month studio flat really ‘affordable’?

PRIVATE landlords in Edinburgh get a pelting from the public, and sometimes the council, for “exploiting” tenants with soaring rents and pushing up the cost of housing, especially for first-time buyers. The drive is on for “affordable” housing.

DeeAnn Fitzpatrick is pictured apparently gagged and strapped to a chair

Helen Martin: Whistleblower was gagged not once but twice

IT was truly horrific, as Highlands and Islands MSP Rhoda Grant said, to see the photo of female fisheries officer DeeAnn Fitzpatrick, gagged and strapped to a chair by her Marine Scotland colleagues after she complained about misogynistic bullying.

Cornish pasties could face a threat from American copies. Pictrue: PA

Helen Martin: Cheap imitations from US set to flood Brexit Britain

THE Brexit vote was based on regaining sovereignty, taking back control of our UK trade deals and increasing markets for our key exports.

Breast cancer treatment in Edinburgh is the best in the world, says Helen Martin (Picture: Ian Georgeson)

Helen Martin: I have faith in NHS breast cancer care

IT was 15 years ago when I had breast cancer, resulting in a mastectomy and reconstruction.

Royal watcher: Helen Martin loves TV series like Victoria and anything involving kings and queens (Picture: ITV)

Helen Martin: Royals show there’s no place for racism in UK

I CONFESS that, with this column appearing on a Monday, I have to scribe it by the end of the previous week.

Presenters Ewen Cameron, Hayley Matthews, Jennifer Reoch and David Farrell at the launch of the STV2 channel.

Helen Martin: The internet’s impact on journalism

It is no secret that the digital world has had a devastating effect on print media. But, as we in Scotland now know, that effect is not confined only to print.

How much longer will Princes Street be packed with shoppers as the retail sector evolves?

Helen Martin: The future of shopping: ghost towns and online hell

WHEN it comes to bank closures, I’m a regular complainer/campaigner. But, as is becoming clearer day by day, bank bosses don’t care how their customers feel.

Orangutans' habitat is at risk. Picture: Getty

Helen Martin: Orangutans are more valuable than fighter jets

BREXIT negotiations may be warped and misguided, but an even worse example of immoral politics is the opposition of the UK’s defence officials and the French government to the European ban on palm oil.

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