Helen Martin

School pupils stage a protest outside the Scottish Parliament calling for action on climate change. Picture: Greg Macvean

The march of progress comes with global warming price tag – Helen Martin

DEALING with global warming, pollution and the necessary protection of the environment, are especially high priorities for youngsters. They can imagine their lives and those of their children being savagely affected as the world degrades before their eyes. Oldies, on the other hand, will probably pass on before the Earth bites the dust.

Chuka Umunna and Angela Smith have quit as Labour Party MPs. Picture: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Helen Martin: Rebels with a cause deserve our backing

SOME people refer to those who left the Tory and ­Labour parties to form an independent group, as ­“defectors”.

Personally, I’ve logged them as heroes and heroines . . . brave people who no longer want to be controlled and forced to vote backing their leader, preferring to stand up for what they know is best for the UK.

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