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The Skids made a triumphant return with, Burning Cities

Kevin Buckle: ‘Best of’ lists missed these great albums

I get asked a lot if I have an end of year list of recommended albums but this time I’m sticking with suggesting a few albums that haven’t featured much in other people’s lists for 2018 but certainly deserve investigation. I don’t have space to describe them all so go to the free listening device of your choice and give them a try.

Roll the 12-sided dice and see if you'll get something done or just attend a consultative workshop. Picture: Getty

Kevin Buckle: Dungeon masters guard their vested interests

Some will know of the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, which given I went to a science-based university in Heriot-Watt was popular in my time there. A whole world is created and a set of rules are agreed. Players then interact with each other and those that enter their world.

An artist's impression showing the inside of the IMPACT Centre's concert hall

Kevin Buckle: The elephants in the rooms where decisions are made for Edinburgh

While last week’s column focused on the Royal High School inquiry I actually received even more comments about the much smaller piece on the Royal Mile and my last sentence: “There is a huge irony in hearing the Royal High School inquiry talk endlessly about the views from every conceivable angle while the same concerned parties do nothing about the Royal Mile.”

Getting people from the Royal Mile to Victoria Street is a real problem. Picture: Esme Allen

Kevin Buckle: The direction of travel is not all it should be

While there is much talk about cycling in Edinburgh it will always be a minority interest for getting around while unsurprisingly walking is something we all do. There are plans to make Edinburgh city centre a more pleasurable place to walk around of course with pedestrianisation high on the list.

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