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Kevin Buckle: Tartan tat poses threat to high-minded plans for Tron

News this week that Edinburgh World Heritage had won – by the narrowest of margins, six-to-five – the right to a three-year lease on the Tron Kirk highlighted to me again the dangers of what happens when people operate outside of their comfort zone.

Paloma Faith is set to play Princes Street Gardens (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Kevin Buckle: We should have more (Paloma) Faith in Portobello

This week’s announcement of six to eight gigs in Princes Street Gardens during the Festival – starting with Paloma Faith – was met with exactly the reaction that was to be expected. The Cockburn Association objected immediately while others saw it as something to greatly look forward to.

Honeyblood's Stina Tweeddale and Cat Myers

Kevin Buckle: £500k for Scottish music may go to waste

In all the fuss over who did and didn’t get regular funding from Creative Scotland it went without comment that the SMIA (Scottish Music Industry Association) was given a cool half a million pounds.

Crowds of tourists on the Royal Mile during last year's Festival. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Kevin Buckle: Tourists need more things to do outside central Edinburgh

This week I read a task force was to be set up to deal with overcrowding in Edinburgh in the peak visitor months. The problems certainly are obvious and need no further investigation. The solution is also obvious in that those visitors need to be spread out both over the city centre and further afield.

Footfall and takings are down at the City Art Centre. Picture: Greg Macvean

Kevin Buckle: Good news for lovers of city’s galleries and museums

I was pleased to see that Edinburgh council has been looking at restoring the opening hours of their museums and galleries after discovering that closing them on some days failed to result in the savings that had been calculated, or indeed any real savings at all.

The legendary Mark E Smith. Picture: PA

Kevin Buckle: Mark E Smith of The Fall was never bland

Very sad news this week that Mark E Smith of The Fall has died.

Paul Haig's guitar - and it's definitely Lake Placid Blue

Kevin Buckle: ScotPop music centre will be fascinating

I was in Edinburgh on Thursday handing over the guitar that had been on display at the Fruitmarket Gallery exhibition to Stephen Allen, the curator of the Rip It Up exhibition, which opens in June at the National Museum of Scotland.

The ScotPop MEC website will have a curated list of Scottish artists

Kevin Buckle: A one-stop-shop for all Scottish music

One of the things I’ve been asked for over and over again by customers is for a website they could go to to see all that was available from Scottish artists. Commercially it just doesn’t work as so much is now only available from artists directly but I’ve never given up on the idea.

Edinburgh Castle  from every possible angle  is a magnet for tourists taking holiday snaps. Picture: Craig Stephen

Kevin Buckle: The missed opportunities Edinburgh will regret

Last week when discussing the refusal of advertising drums for Castle Terrace and St Andrew Square, I mentioned that I had read the Grassmarket drum had been approved. It was pointed out to me that was not the case so I decided to watch the Development Management sub-committee meeting held on January 10 to see what had happened.

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Richard Jobson in full flow

Kevin Buckle: The art of making albums has hit the Skids

Great to see the new Skids album Burning Cities enter the UK charts in the top 30.

The advertising drum on Castle Terrace could have to be removed (Picture: Ian Georgeson)

Kevin Buckle: Ad drums help stop fly-posting so what’s the issue?

I was a little surprised to see that there was an issue with the advertising drums on Castle Terrace and St Andrew Square.

The Athenians' Ian Orr at the microphone

Kevin Buckle: Scots singer took Liam Gallagher’s famous stance in 60s

A popular pic on the @avalanche_edin Twitter feed this week showed Ian Orr of Sixties Edinburgh beat group The Athenians adopting an approach to singing several decades ahead of a certain Liam Gallagher.

Popular student nighclub Silk is closing down

Kevin Buckle: New neighbours can’t complain about loud music

Good news this week for small music venues when the Agent of Change Bill moved to a second reading on 19 January. Very briefly, what the bill means is that developers are not allowed to build housing next to a music venue and then complain they have a music venue next door!

Bands seem to prefer Facebook to music sites like Bandcamp (Picture: AP)

Kevin Buckle: Bands must learn how to make a name for themselves

I’ve been listening to some new Scottish artists recommended for 2018 but have discovered how hard it can be to find their music.

Donald Anderson, the former Edinburgh council leader, has backed calls for a tax on tourists (Picture: Neil Hanna)

Kevin Buckle: Tourist tax can’t come soon enough

With hotels accused of hiking up their prices for Hogmanay, the argument for a tourist tax quickly raised its head again and it does appear most people are in favour.

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Many new Scottish bands tipped for 2018 dont sound particulary Scottish, unlike the Proclaimers. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Kevin Buckle: Why small Scottish bands are drowning in the stream

News that album sales were up 9.5 per cent in 2017 undoubtedly looks like a good news story for musicians until you look at the figures a little closer.

Kevin no longer has 11 copies of Another Girl, Another Planet, as sung by Peter Perrett

Pop Music Centre on track

Finally, after much cajoling, I have set up a GoFundMe page to help finance getting the Scottish Pop Music Centre over the line. So far things are still on track for the centre to be open by May but it will take an intense two months of meetings and tying up loose ends to achieve that.

Meursault - aka Neil Pennycook - produced one of the albums of the year in I Will Kill Again

Kevin Buckle: Albums of the year predictable, but great

At the end of every year I get asked for my albums of the year and I normally have a few that were maybe not expected but this year I’m afraid my choices are almost entirely predictable, though that of course does not mean they aren’t great albums.

Alexander McCall Smith has attacked Edinburgh's tartan tat. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Kevin Buckle: Tartan tat not the only option

Why Iain Pope is wrong about McCall Smith being wrong about Edinburgh’s tartan tat is a headline I’m guessing my editor isn’t going to use.

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Kevin Buckle: It’s time for a more cultured shopping experience

There is no doubt that high street shopping has changed forever but councils are capable of making a big difference in the survival of a varied and interesting retail offering.

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