Kevin Buckle

Kevin Buckle: The elephants in the rooms where decisions are made for Edinburgh

While last week’s column focused on the Royal High School inquiry I actually received even more comments about the much smaller piece on the Royal Mile and my last sentence: “There is a huge irony in hearing the Royal High School inquiry talk endlessly about the views from every conceivable angle while the same concerned parties do nothing about the Royal Mile.”

Getting people from the Royal Mile to Victoria Street is a real problem. Picture: Esme Allen

Kevin Buckle: The direction of travel is not all it should be

While there is much talk about cycling in Edinburgh it will always be a minority interest for getting around while unsurprisingly walking is something we all do. There are plans to make Edinburgh city centre a more pleasurable place to walk around of course with pedestrianisation high on the list.

The Old Town BID needs to find a leader like Roddy Smith if it is to be successful

Kevin Buckle: The clock is ticking for the Old Town BID

I know I mentioned the Old Town Business Improvement District last week but I make no apologies for saying more now. The BID needs a new project manager and the application deadline has just ended. Worryingly, the 12-month contract is only for 25 hours a week.

Franz Ferdinand are one of the heavy hitters to make the SAY award longlist. Picture: Getty

Kevin Buckle: It’s time for the public to have their SAY

The Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) award longlist was announced this week and while I’m not its biggest fan there are definitely albums worth your attention. Truth be told the older established artists have produced the best albums and therein lies the quandary for the judges.

Anna Meredith's new album, Anno, is released on August 17

Kevin Buckle: Scots acts make hay while the sun shines

There used to be a rule in the music industry that bands shouldn’t release their albums during the summer when folk went on holiday and this basically stretched from the middle of July to the last week of September when there would suddenly be a rush of albums geared towards all the students either starting or returning to university and college.

Janet Archer's successor at Creative Scotland will have their work cut out tackling cronyism. Picture: Neil Hanna

Kevin Buckle: New Creative Scotland chief exec has to be more creative

Janet Archer, the chief executive of Creative Scotland, may have resigned but it is hard to imagine things being much different whoever takes on the considerable task of trying to restore confidence in an organisation described in an inquiry by a Holyrood committee last month as having a funding system that fell “well below” the standard expected of a public body.

Ian Rankin is a strong supporter of Scottish music on Twitter. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Kevin Buckle: The ones to watch on Twitter

Avalanche has always had a very successful social media presence and in particular a popular Twitter account. I hope that I come up with some decent original content myself but I also have to thank many other accounts that provide an endless source of news, facts and entertainment all day and felt it was time to pay my dues.

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