Kevin Buckle

Kevin Buckle: New Creative Scotland chief exec has to be more creative

Janet Archer, the chief executive of Creative Scotland, may have resigned but it is hard to imagine things being much different whoever takes on the considerable task of trying to restore confidence in an organisation described in an inquiry by a Holyrood committee last month as having a funding system that fell “well below” the standard expected of a public body.

Glen Rowe, founder of the Neko Trust

Kevin Buckle: Edinburgh venue to get its own muse

Good news hopefully on the small venue front with the announcement from Glen Rowe and his Neko Trust charity that they will be looking to launch a small venue in Edinburgh.

Jazz musician John Burgess

Kevin Buckle: Golden Age of jazz comes to Leith

I’ve known the jazz musician John Burgess since as a young man he came in the shop to sell his record collection.

Victoria Street has some nice shops, in contrast to other parts of Edinburgh

Kevin Buckle: Americans easily spot Edinburgh’s shopping problem

An older American couple managed to make three of the points that crop up regularly in my column in one short conversation.

The City Art Centre would make an excellent home for the ScotPop MEC

Kevin Buckle: Go on, go on, go on, give ScotPop space at CAC

It is no great surprise that there has been renewed interest in the permanent Scottish music exhibition centre I have been working on for the last three years, given all the publicity for the opening of the National Museum of Scotland’s Rip It Up exhibition.

Ian Rankin is a strong supporter of Scottish music on Twitter. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Kevin Buckle: The ones to watch on Twitter

Avalanche has always had a very successful social media presence and in particular a popular Twitter account. I hope that I come up with some decent original content myself but I also have to thank many other accounts that provide an endless source of news, facts and entertainment all day and felt it was time to pay my dues.

House of Fraser in Edinburgh is to close. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Kevin Buckle: Carnage on Main Street as Stones arrive in town

I try hard to limit my columns about the high street but this week’s news that both Poundworld and House of Fraser are struggling has got everyone talking about whether it’s all over now, just as the Rolling Stones arrive in town.

Edinburgh Old Town BID area covers more than 900 businesses

Kevin Buckle: Help for the Old Town’s BID is essential

Great news for Essential Edinburgh and their CEO Roddy Smith with a resounding 91 per cent of businesses voting to continue the city centre Business Improvement District or BID for another five years. BIDs in Scotland have had mixed fortunes but when they work well, they work very well indeed.

The arrival of a Virgin Hotel will be a boost for Edinburgh

Kevin Buckle: Edinburgh’s eternal hotel conundrum

For anybody who works in the city centre in any capacity that deals with visitors, two things are clear – nobody would mind at all if a small amount was added to their bill to contribute to maintaining services in the city they have just stayed in and there is definitely room for more high-spending visitors.

Modern Studies new album Welcome Strangers is out now

Kevin Buckle: Red, blue or clear are my kind of colours for vinyl records

Last week saw the release of Welcome Strangers by Modern Studies. While their blurb says their music might best be described as “kosmiche choral”, I’ll stick with chamber-pop. Signed to Fire Records and including Avalanche veterans Emily Scott and Rob St John, the album should build on the success of their first one.

Two-thirds of people will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime and stress is a key factor

Kevin Buckle: We must all be aware of mental health issues

I was determined to write something for Mental Health Awareness Week even before the sad news about Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison but I’ve found it hard as somebody who has certainly suffered from high levels of stress, never more so than over the last three or four years, but never encountered anything drastic enough to be called a mental health issue.

Market trader stalls on the Royal Mile (Picture: Ian Georgeson)

Kevin Buckle: City needs to make value judgements about stalls

It was no surprise to hear that the High Street was losing even more of its stalls after one of the buildings that had four stalls in front of it changed hands.

Voicex: Suky, Coco, Colin and Paul. Picture: Deborah Mullen

Kevin Buckle: This could be the gig of the year

Talking of supergroups, Voicex play the Voodoo Rooms on Friday, 18 May.

Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert's album Here Lies the Body is out now

Kevin Buckle: Superduo may herald ‘super supergroup’

If not quite a supergroup, then certainly a super duo, Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert released a new album yesterday.

A small sample of the vinyl collection, from Nick Drake original pink labels to early 90s acts

Kevin Buckle: An avalanche of vinyl

There was much excitement this week as I took possession of the best collection of vinyl I have ever seen in over 30 years of Avalanche.

A ticket for Nirvana's October 1990 gig at the Calton Studios

Kevin Buckle: A walk through Scotland’s musical history

I read this week that Glasgow should do more to promote itself as a music tourism city as Liverpool does.

People's obsession with shopping online won't be countered by stores offering free cups of coffee

Kevin Buckle: Edinburgh needs a ‘cool cultural quarter’

I’m slightly concerned that never a week goes by these days that I’m not told by somebody that retail is all about the experience now.

Ruth Davidson is expecting her first child with partner Jen Wilson. Picture: Getty

Kevin Buckle: Having a child can alter your outlook

Ruth Davidson’s announcement that she is expecting her first child with her partner Jen Wilson came just as I was considering what to write for my column this week about the effect having children has on all sorts of views and what can be considered “important”.

Bryan Ferry came to the Capital as part of his UK tour in 2007. Picture: Julie Howden

Kevin Buckle: An Edinburgh night out with many lessons

I had a rare night out in Edinburgh on Thursday and the place was buzzing on what was a lovely day.

Vinyl sales have undergone a revivial. Picture: Greg Macvean

Kevin Buckle: Record Store Day is about shops as well as vinyl

I that time of the year again when folk are reminded to support record shops by buying limited vinyl.

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