Kevin Buckle

Work continues on the new St James ' but by the time it is open for business the retail landscape will have changed dramatically. Picture: Andrew O'Brien

Why retail gods may not smile on St James – Kevin Buckle

It was interesting to see the first shops being named for Edinburgh St James, even if they were just four different brands with one owner. No great surprise they were all clothing brands and it will be interesting to see what other types of retailer sign up and how many move from other locations.

Stills director Ben Harman celebrating the gallery's 40th anniversary in 2017. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Arts world needs to make money to survive in real one – Kevin Buckle

I was shocked this week to see that Edinburgh council had almost tripled the rent of the Stills Gallery at the bottom of Cockburn Street. A petition had been set up and yes that confirmed “This year we face an almost trebling of our rent, from £16,000 a year to £47,000, which poses a huge threat to our future”.

Jocelyne Fleming, Old Town BID project manager

The Old Town’s been thrown a lifeline with BID plans – Kevin Buckle

Good to see that a new project manager for the proposed Old Town BID has been appointed. Currently there is a very one-sided competition between businesses in the New Town and Old Town with Essential Edinburgh representing many of the big businesses and institutions and the Old Town without any organised representation.

Could  Amazon warehouses like the one in Dunfermline end up supplying stock to a revived HMV? (Picture: Jon Savage)

When will staying in stop being the new going out? – Kevin Buckle

Interesting times with news on HMV’s owners now not expected until next week. The longer it goes on the more it feels like the administrators KPMG are just putting off the awful day they have to announce Mike Ashley as the buyer. Either that or they are still desperately hoping for a good reason to sell to somebody else.

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