The Gang of Four ' from left, Dr David Owen, Bill Rodgers, Shirley Williams and Roy Jenkins ' who broke away from Labour to form the SDP in the early 1980s in protest at the party's shift to the left. Picture: PA

Kezia Dugdale: Walkout should be Brexit wake-up call

I was but a toddler when a group of Labour MPs broke away in the early 1980s to form the Social Democratic Party (SPD). Naturally, I was more interested in cartoons than breaking political stories, but I’ve read enough history books and Labour biography’s to know that the band of breakaways had, let’s say, mixed reviews.

Pilton Community Health Project co-ditrectors Jen Richards and Helen Scammell. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Kezia Dugdale: Buttons for councils rips fabric of society

You’ll hear two things about the Scottish Government’s budget this week. The SNP will tell you that local council budgets are going up once again in line with ­inflation – meanwhile Labour in the City Chambers will say their coffers are set to be slashed by £41million. Who’s telling the truth? Well here is the thing, they both are.

Rail operators are coining it in while commuters are struggling with fare increases. Picture:  Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Kezia Dugdale: Affordable rail travel has hit the buffers

The Christmas decorations are now down, the festive party season is over and the diets have begun. ­January is a long month and always feels colder and darker than December without the lights and decorations on display in the streets and our homes. The last payday ­already seems like a lifetime ago and from yesterday, even those with the most generous leave over Christmas and New Year, will have returned to work.

Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon might benefit from a dip in the freezing cold Loony Dook water. Picture: Scott Louden

Kezia Dugdale: Corbyn, Sturgeon and May all need Loony Dook

IN the freezing waters of the Firth of Forth, a group of hardened revellers will today take part in the celebrated Loony Dook at Queensferry. Jumping into ice-cold water awakens the senses, so perhaps the organisers should have sent out last-minute invites to Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon as we mark the end of 2018.

Finance Secretary Derek Mackay will unveil his Budget tomorrow. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Kezia Dugdale: It’s easy, Derek – just make the rich pay up

AMID the chaos of Brexit, you could be forgiven for not realising that ­tomorrow is budget day in Scotland. This is the time of year when Finance Secretary Derek Mackay stands up and ­announces his draft spending plans, complains about not having enough powers, then fails to use the powers he does have.

The police are taking steps to nip trouble around Bonfire Night in the bud

Kezia Dugdale: Fireworks of last year must not be repeated

This coming week will see many people across the city out guising and revelling as we approach Hallowe’en and the Bonfire weekend. Most of those out will be enjoying some harmless fun, dressed up as ghosts and ghouls or attending one of the organised firework displays across the city.

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