Today's freshers will be tomorrow's graduates. Picture: PA

Kezia Dugdale: Ah, my student days – dial-up and 12p texts

A recent birthday moved me very firmly into the late-30s category and I’m completely at peace with that. At least, I thought I was until I realised that all the ­students taking their first steps into university life this week were born in a completely different century to me. A different millennium in fact.

Alison and Craig Brown with Ethan, nine, in a beach wheelchair at Portobello. Picture: Alistair Linford

Kezia Dugdale: Beach-ready wheelchairs roll into town

The annual Portobello Beach Busk is always a lively and enjoyable event. So much so, even some dolphins turned up to tune in over the week. Yet you’d be forgiven for missing another wonderful sight amidst all that hustle and bustle – the launch of Portobello beach wheelchairs.

Private school pupils are much more likely to appeal their exam results after the Scottish Government introduced a fee

Kezia Dugdale: Fees for exam appeals are unfair on poorest pupils

I’ve always supported removing the tax breaks that private schools benefit from by classifying themselves as charities. I was once warned that being quite so forthright in my opposition wasn’t particularly smart in a city like Edinburgh where nearly 25 per cent of secondary school-age children go to fee-paying enterprises, but nevertheless I persisted.

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