The police are taking steps to nip trouble around Bonfire Night in the bud

Kezia Dugdale: Fireworks of last year must not be repeated

This coming week will see many people across the city out guising and revelling as we approach Hallowe’en and the Bonfire weekend. Most of those out will be enjoying some harmless fun, dressed up as ghosts and ghouls or attending one of the organised firework displays across the city.

Around 700,000 took to the streets of London to call for a People's Vote. Picture: PA

Kezia Dugdale: A second vote would respect democracy

Ahead of Saturday’s ­People’s Vote march in London, it was predicted that around 100,000 would take to the streets to demand a say on the deal which would see us leave the European Union. Seven times that number turned up on the day and I was one of them.

Music tuition could be halved under council budgets cuts being discussed. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Kezia Dugdale: Cutting school cash just doesn’t add up

WHICH council services would you be willing to cut to save money? I don’t think there will be too much opposition if one official car is axed from the three-strong fleet used by the city’s Lord Provost. Refusing to undertake repairs of common property in tenements will be somewhat more controversial.

Far too many Scots pensioners are being forced to choose between heating and eating

Kezia Dugdale: Saving for a pension plan has gone to pot

LAST week I met with a group of Edinburgh ­University students to discuss the impact of Brexit. It was markedly different to the usual conversations I have about the devastating economic consequences – there was no talk about the falling pound, the potential for a house price crash, or the impact on pension pots.

Today's freshers will be tomorrow's graduates. Picture: PA

Kezia Dugdale: Ah, my student days – dial-up and 12p texts

A recent birthday moved me very firmly into the late-30s category and I’m completely at peace with that. At least, I thought I was until I realised that all the ­students taking their first steps into university life this week were born in a completely different century to me. A different millennium in fact.

Alison and Craig Brown with Ethan, nine, in a beach wheelchair at Portobello. Picture: Alistair Linford

Kezia Dugdale: Beach-ready wheelchairs roll into town

The annual Portobello Beach Busk is always a lively and enjoyable event. So much so, even some dolphins turned up to tune in over the week. Yet you’d be forgiven for missing another wonderful sight amidst all that hustle and bustle – the launch of Portobello beach wheelchairs.

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