Storm in a teacup: Neighbourhood centres facing cuts give users an opportunity to get together (Picture: Greg Macvean)

SNP cuts will leave people lonely and hungry – Kezia Dugdale

First of all, an apology. To the line-dancing ladies of Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre, I’m sorry that as a consequence of me being 30 minutes late to meet with the centre’s board, you were all denied a freshly baked empire biscuit and slice of the most exquisite looking carrot cake.

The Gang of Four ' from left, Dr David Owen, Bill Rodgers, Shirley Williams and Roy Jenkins ' who broke away from Labour to form the SDP in the early 1980s in protest at the party's shift to the left. Picture: PA

Kezia Dugdale: Walkout should be Brexit wake-up call

I was but a toddler when a group of Labour MPs broke away in the early 1980s to form the Social Democratic Party (SPD). Naturally, I was more interested in cartoons than breaking political stories, but I’ve read enough history books and Labour biography’s to know that the band of breakaways had, let’s say, mixed reviews.

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