Participation in youth football helps boys and girls grow into responsible adults. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Hutchison Vale is the kind of club that needs support – Steve Cardownie

“Youth football is nothing if it’s not about social inclusion. For us, and I’m sure this applies to other clubs too, it’s about bringing boys and girls together from all backgrounds to enjoy sport. To give them a purpose and to keep them active. If they are healthy and focused and learning the core skills of a sport – discipline, organisation, communication, friendship and so on – then they will hopefully be better equipped to avoid some of the obvious distractions that society will put in front of them and more driven when it comes to their education and in the fullness of time, work.”

The Victoria Swing Bridge is in urgent need of attention

Why are Leith Docks’ bridges being left to rust? – Steve Cardownie

In early October last year, Forth Ports closed two pedestrian bridges within Leith Docks, much to the consternation of both residents and visitors alike. These are the Victoria Swing Bridge and the Rennie’s Lock Bridge and although one pedestrian lane of the Victoria Bridge was subsequently reopened, locals have been left puzzled about Forth Ports’ future plans as very little information has filtered through to the public.

Jason Wallace of Wallace Land Investment, which wants to build 3,600 homes on greenbelt land

Edinburgh greenbelt is important but so are houses – Steve Cardownie

THE news that Wallace Land Investments is to submit a proposal to the city council’s planning committee to build 3,600 new homes, including 900 affordable ones, on greenbelt land will no doubt be greeted with dismay by many whose desire to protect the greenbelt from development has remained undiminished over the years despite Edinburgh’s housing problems being well documented, discussed and in need of a solution.

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