Super bowled over by rival American fans

The recent debate – partly fuelled by a tweet from Irvine Welsh about the different way that rugby fans are treated compared to football fans – reminded of a game some years ago where I came face to face with proud supporters of the opposing team.

The case for extending the tram line to Leith may be less risk-free than has been suggested. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Steve Cardownie: It’s unlikely council will shun line from Leith

The final business case for the proposed tram extension to Newhaven has now been available for councillors to inspect since last Friday, which is intended to ensure that they are fully informed of the project’s detailed plans including, importantly, the overall anticipated cost and the financial model to be adopted to meet the extension’s ­outlay, before voting on the issue on March 14.

The Mela attracted thousands of people but council funding has been withdrawn

Sad to see that Mela has gone by the board

I was disappointed to hear that a report compiled by a senior city official recommends that the council no longer gives grant aid to Edinburgh’s Mela Festival. Disappointed but not ­surprised. I chaired the board of the Mela for several years and felt ­honoured to do so, but I witnessed the kind of behaviour I had never seen displayed before or since on the many boards on which I served.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave his backing to Save Leith Walk campaigners in June last year. Picture: Greg Macvean

Steve Cardownie: Leith Walk doesn’t need to be saved from Drum plan

Councillors will meet today to determine the outcome of the planning application from Drum Property Group to demolish a two-storey building at the ­bottom of Leith Walk, and old industrial units at the back of it at Stead’s Place, in order to build a 56 bedroom hotel, 53 affordable housing units, room accommodation for 471 ­students, a café and business units at a cost of £50 million.

Yes campaigners should start preparing for a new independence referendum. Picture: Getty

Indyref2 is an exit from Brexit – Steve Cardownie

In last week’s column under the heading ‘No winners in this sorry Salmond saga’, I wrote about the internal ­battles ­within the SNP over issues which have arisen around the former First Minister, Alex Salmond, and how they have been dealt with.

Bullied children may become withdrawn or reluctant to go to school

Steve Cardownie: If you need hauners, bullies can be beaten

As a parent, I am acutely conscious of the problems that can arise if bullying, particularly at school, is allowed to go unchecked but it appears that many parents or guardians are still not fully aware of the tell-tale signs that their child may be being subjected to such behaviour – and so it continues, with devastating and sometimes tragic consequences.

Shaun Woodburn was killed on January 1, 2017

Steve Cardownie: Kevin’s campaign set to give victims a voice

Yesterday I met up with a good friend of mine for a coffee and after the usual Hearts and Hibs banter we went on to discuss more serious matters regarding recent events in his life and his reaction to them. His name is Kevin Woodburn, the father of Shaun who was brutally killed outside a pub where he had been celebrating New Year with his friends.

Councillor Gordon Munro is critical of the council's stance on spending cuts. Picture: Neil Hanna

Steve Cardownie: Snipers should train sights on opposition

It would appear that the internal debate within the Capital coalition regarding its future is continuing apace and whilst there is no evidence that its longevity is under serious threat, its detractors are undeterred and are pressing on with their negative ­strategy.

Edinburgh artist Kate Ive with a model showing her Handkerchief Tree memorial design

Steve Cardownie: Fitting memorial to those who won’t fight

Tomorrow’s meeting of the City Council’s transport and environment committee will be asked to note the proposal to construct a memorial to conscientious objectors in West Princes Street Gardens and to agree that this proposal can be progressed through the appropriate process to installation.

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