Councillor Gordon Munro is critical of the council's stance on spending cuts. Picture: Neil Hanna

Steve Cardownie: Snipers should train sights on opposition

It would appear that the internal debate within the Capital coalition regarding its future is continuing apace and whilst there is no evidence that its longevity is under serious threat, its detractors are undeterred and are pressing on with their negative ­strategy.

Edinburgh artist Kate Ive with a model showing her Handkerchief Tree memorial design

Steve Cardownie: Fitting memorial to those who won’t fight

Tomorrow’s meeting of the City Council’s transport and environment committee will be asked to note the proposal to construct a memorial to conscientious objectors in West Princes Street Gardens and to agree that this proposal can be progressed through the appropriate process to installation.

Aung San Suu Kyi has faced condemnation over Myanmar's treatment of the Rohingya people. Picture: AP

Steve Cardownie: Aung San Suu Kyi’s not fit to be linked with our city

In my column of January 23 under the headline “ is Suu Kyi worthy of our city’s top honour?” I wrote that the Lord Provost, Frank Ross, had written to Aung San Suu Kyi the previous November condemning the violence in the Rakhine state of Myanmar forcing approximately 700,000 Rohingya people to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh to escape slaughter and persecution at the hands of the military.

Joanna Mowat is one of two councillors to be invited on a fact-finding mission to California and Canada

Steve Cardownie: Tories poised to pull the plug on IT trip invite

The Conservative Group on Edinburgh Council met last night to determine its response to an invitation from the company CGI, which provides IT services to the council and which has been the subject of some criticism, with its performance coming under under intense scrutiny by councillors and officials.

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