Susan Morrison

Gone are the days when shoppers would flock to the likes of BHS, where Mrs M Pearson was first in the queue on opening day in 1967

Susan Morrison: Where will I buy my Brutus jeans now?

The lights are going out in the great cathedrals of high street shopping. BHS is nothing more than a memory. Debenhams is looking like that shoogly peg might just give way at any minute. Even the once might M& S has the faint air of desperation about it. As do the staff.

Schiphol: Probably the only airport in the world to have been the site of a battle at sea, during the Dutch War of Independence (Picture: Marcel Antonisee/AFP/Getty Images)

Susan Morrison: KLM love machine two-times my ‘mumma’

Mamma has taken to international travel like a Kardashian to cosmetics. Not content with jetting off to Spain, where she cruises the boulevards like some sort of pensioner criminal – think Ray Winstone in cropped summer trousers and a big floppy hat – she’s now about to go to Tuscany.

Youngsters in fancy dress enjoy themselves at Leith Gala Day. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Susan Morrison: It’s a case of who dares bins at Leith Gala

2 Para, the lads who yomped across the Falklands in ’83 have the proud motto “Ready for Anything”. The SAS, the chaps who abseiled down the front of the Iranian Embassy in 1980 without so much as a single box of Milk Tray between them, sport “Who Dares Wins” on their cap badges. Stirring stuff.

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