Susan Morrison

Danish hygge is all the rage ' now Scots have their own version of relaxing with a warm cuppa on the couch. Picture: PA

Susan Morrison: There’s been a murder, so we’d better get cooried in

Anything Denmark can do, we can do better, right? Why, long before Scandi thrillers were offing Danes at a murder rate only equalled by Morse’s Oxford, we were right in there with Taggart, our very own granite-faced laconic detective with a problematic ­background and an accent so thick subtitles were required for viewers south of Carlisle.

A bare Princes Street after the trees were cut down. Picture: SWNS

Susan Morrison: Princes St Gardens chainsaw massacre is a horror

Cities always change. It’s the nature of the beast. A city that doesn’t knock down and rebuild bits is an ossified ­museum. Change makes people moan. I ­understand that. You grow unaccountably fond of a building, a wee patch of space or even a tree, and ­suddenly, without warning, it’s gone.

Theresa May takes the opportunity to bust some moves to Abba at the Tory Party conference. Picture: AFP

Susan Morrison: Theresa is having the time of her life up there

In my younger days, party ­political conferences were very black and white affairs, at least on television. They ­usually came from Blackpool or Bournemouth. Labour in Blackpool, of course, that great socialist daytrip Mecca of the North, all kiss-me-quick hats and donkey rides, with the smell of chips in the air and a succession of Labour leaders lined up to be ­hammered by the comrades like ­targets at the coconut shies.

As soon as Susan Morrison was under anaesthetic, the joking stopped and the crack professionals of the NHS got on with the job. Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Susan Morrison: A bodyguard when we need it the most

The NHS is a wondrous beast, but she loves an early check-in. The letter from the Western said get there for 7.30. Naturally, the Yorkshire husband thought we should leave at 6.30. We live in Leith. We could have walked it in that time. Why we were leaving so early? To beat the traffic, he said. 6.30. In the morning. Mind you, Ferry Road – he might have a point.

Tears and snot won't endear you to your audience - and sound engineers don't want you sneezing on their mics either. Picture: PA

Susan Morrison: Pass the tissues, I’ve got Fringe flu already

On Tuesday my Fringe flu arrived, out of season. It’s traditional for the ­comedians, actors and probably the flyerers to collapse into soggy heaps, working their way through entire boxes of man-sized tissues whilst watching daytime TV at the end of August, but here I was, in the middle of the ­action, with an entire head full of gunk, a throat lined with barbed wire, and about seven shows to get through.

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