Dani Garavelli

Dani Garavelli: Nicola Sturgeon’s halo may slip in Brexit’s last act

From the moment the EU referendum result came in, pitching the UK into a dystopian nightmare, Nicola Sturgeon has shone. It may not be difficult to shine when you are surrounded by the kind of pantomime villains that have stalked the political stage for the past three and a half years. Nevertheless – in a morass of self-interest and lies – she has been the sole statesmanlike presence, prompting Remainers in England to gaze wistfully north.

A rescue worker carries a child after last week's chemical strike on Douma. Picture: Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets via AP

Insight: Syrians’ tragedy continues – that’s the real story

The images of children foaming at the mouth after two alleged chemical attacks on the then rebel-held enclave of Douma earlier this month stood as a rebuke to the international community – just like the one almost exactly a year ago on the town of Khan Shaykhun, and another near Damascus in 2013.

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