John McGillivery and Liam Rudden

Liam Rudden: Lights! Cameras! Action! Now, how do I get down?

THEY hadn’t quite finished building the viewing platform from where John McGillivray and I will present all the action both on and off track when the Staggs Bar Edinburgh Monarchs begin their 2019 speedway season this evening (if you are reading this on line on Friday) or, when they began their 2019 speedway season last night (if you are reading this in print in Saturday’s paper).


Edinburgh fans will be first to hear Toyah’s new songs live

IT wouldn’t be wrong to introduce Toyah Willcox as an iconic 80’s pop star but such a tag tells a very small part of her story.

Actress, presenter, author, it was in the late-70s that the then ‘punk princess’ first exploded onto the music scene with the EP Sheep Farming In Barnet. The albums Blue Meaning, Anthem, The Changeling, Minx and Love Is The Law all followed, along with many more.

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