A Game of Thrones inspired wine tasting is bringing a 50 foot map of Westeros to the Edinburgh Festival

An Edinburgh-based drinks events company is bringing a special Game of Thrones inspired wine tasting, complete with a 50 foot map of Westeros, to the capital next month.

Game of Thrones pop up bar arrives in Edinburgh
Game of Thrones pop up bar arrives in Edinburgh

Taking their concept back to its roots, The Pop-up Geeks, who are known for their popular Game of Thrones themed bar concept, Blood and Wine, are aiming to celebrate this year’s Festival with the return of a massive wine event.

Having previously been a big success when it ran in April, Thrones fans can once again head to the Hub on the Royal Mile to enjoy a one of a kind wine tasting experience that will allow guests to “journey across the Seven Kingdoms” to taste the closest real world counterparts to the wines described in George.R.R.Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

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Game of Thrones pop up bar arrives in Edinburgh

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    Posting about the event on social media, the Pop-up Geeks team wrote: “Lords and ladies of Edinburgh, gather your arms, saddle your horses and prepare for an epic journey from the Arid deserts of Dorne to the frozen wilds in The North and discover the wines of the Seven Kingdoms.”

    Featuring a 50 foot map of Westeros and a huge range of wines, the organisers stated that there are going to be some fun fantasy-themed elements for people to enjoy on the day, co-founder Linden Wilkinson said: “As well as the wines, we’ll have authentic medieval food options, our smiths will be on hand to arm you for the wars to come, and you’ll walk away with one of our Blood & Wine tasting glasses and a wax sealed tasting scroll.”

    Taking place over three sessions on Sunday 11th August 2019, guests will be able to enjoy the event in the early afternoon from 12pm until 2pm, then again at 3pm until 6pm, and finally in a late session from 7pm from 10pm.

    Tickets for Wines of the Seven Kingdoms will be priced at £35 and will include all of the wine samples from across the Seven Kingdoms, a Blood & Wine tasting glass to use and take home and a wax sealed scroll detailing the wines and regions featured.

    The Pop-up Geeks also recently brought their immensely popular Game of Thrones themed bar concept, Blood and Wine, back to the Arches at East Market Street.

    The bar, which ran until the 26th May, invited people who love the show to come along and try out pints of mead, Westerosi cocktails, and even an ale created by the expert beer makers at Stewart Brewing exclusively for the bar, all in a fantasy setting.

    The team have previously created Hobbit, Harry Potter and even Rick and Morty themed pop-ups. The current theme is a Stranger Things pop-up called ‘The Upside Down’.