‘Dry your eyes’ - Edinburgh reacts to killjoy cabbies complaining about £92k number plate

Readers have been reacting after killjoy cabbies complained about a cheeky private hire boss buying the number plate TAX1.

Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 10:21 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 10:39 am

The Evening News reported last week how Capital Cars boss Stephen Rose forked out £92,000 for the registration – costing more than the Tesla it sits on.

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Killjoy cabbies complain to Edinburgh Council over private hire boss’s £92k numb...

Mr Rose has also paid £38,000 for a TAX15 plate and sees it all as a “long-term investment” for the business.

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The Tesla with the personlised plate seen in the High Street, Edinburgh

But now taxi firm bosses have questioned whether the plate breaches regulations by suggesting the car can pick fares up off the street like black cabs.

West End-based City Cabs tweeted: “Breach of licensing conditions. Would love to know why Edinburgh City Council allowed this to 

The firm has written to the council asking whether the plate breaches private hire licence regulations.

The regulations rule out the word “cab,” “taxi,” “for hire” or any other word or words which might give the impression that the Licensed Vehicle is available to pick up fares from the street.

But local authority licensing chiefs say those rules relate to signs on the side of cars rather than registration places which are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Evening News readers have been reacting to the story on social media.

George Bathgate said: “Back in my taxi driving days, a private hire car was not to have anything stating taxi or for hire.

“As stated in their conditions they are not licensed taxis.”

But Willie Scott responded: “But it doesn’t say Taxi does it? That last character is a number!”

Louise McMahon said: “Dry your eyes & get on with your day, don’t know why they are getting so upset over a bl**dy number plate. More important things in life to get worked up over!!”

Paul Walton said: “I wonder, is there a day (any day would do) that black cab drivers don’t moan about something...”

Raymond Young said: “Have those that have complained ever called a vacuum cleaner a hoover?

“Why do people actually care about this guy’s number plates?”

Kristine Robinson said: “Jealousy.”

Aaron Shirley said: “Pathetic.”

Scott Parker said: “Waiting for the black cabs to moan that private hire cars are painted black too.”

Lisa Brown said: “Personally I prefer black cabs to private hire cars feel safer x.”

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