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Being able to enjoy a warm bath or a shower is something we take for granted but when mobility is impaired people are often denied that simple pleasure.

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Friday, 26th November 2021, 7:01 am
View a select range of wet rooms, walk in showers and baths
View a select range of wet rooms, walk in showers and baths

When the bathroom in your home has served you well over the years, and is functioning perfectly, it seems an extravagance to replace it. But if getting in and out of the bath or shower, or on and off the loo, is becoming increasingly challenging, that investment could be the key to living independently for longer, and to improving your health and wellbeing.

At the Bathing Mobility Advisory Service (BMAS), they know just what a positive impact having access to a shower or bath, a loo at a comfortable height and a sink you can easily use, can have.

Reduce the risk of slips

The spacious BMAS showroom at is open 7 days a week

Commercial Director of BMAS Stephen Percy-Robb, says the benefits are not just restricted to the physical ones, such as reducing the risk of slipping or tripping, but have wider health benefits bringing peace of mind and improved quality of life.

“You don’t have the anxiety of worrying about slipping or falling,” he says. “Having a bathroom that is safe and easy to use reduces the stress of trying to manage with facilities that are no longer fit for purpose.”

Being able to maintain the standards of personal hygiene you would want, at any age, makes a big difference to your confidence and self-esteem too, he says.

Even though a new bathroom may seem an extravagance, having a well thought-out, accessible one can mean someone has more years of independent living, and brings peace of mind to the whole family.

Regain your independence

“We don’t like to think about it, but not having the strength to get out of the bath, or struggling to get in, or step up into the shower, can mean people stop using the bathroom – having strip washes instead. And they go on managing,” explained Stephen. “But if you get it done as soon as you start to require it, in the long run it can save it being a ‘stress’ purchase, such as if someone needs it to come out of hospital.”

Most of BMAS’s customers are older – between their 70s and 90s. The company provides a complete service from initial free consultation to helping you choose the look and style that you want and carrying out all the necessary works, including removing the old bathroom and any building adaptations required. There’s an after-sales service too.

Stylish modern designs

BMAS have showrooms in Edinburgh and Glasgow, so customers can see the range and quality of what’s on offer – and with stylish modern designs and on-trend flooring and walling options, like the Linda Barker wall panel collection from Multipanel, there’s no danger of it looking clinical.

“What people often think is that it will look like a hospital, with big grab rails,” said Stephen. “Our products are stylish as well as practical and can fit in with the rest of your home.”

“Wet rooms are really good for accessibility,” Stephen explains. “And for multi-generational families they suit everyone.”

Toilets, basins and vanity units, can be wall mounted at the desired height – making them so easy to use and so much easier to keep the flooring clean.

“It’s an investment in quality of life,” said Stephen. “Having a modern, accessible wet room can also add value to your home.”

To find out more about the range of bathrooms and accessories visit the website or showrooms at 7a Grange Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1UH and Dobbies Garden Centre, Lasswade EH18 1AZ or call 0131 668 2227 to find out more or ask for a free consultation.