Great British Bake Off winner Peter Sawkins reveals what 'brutal' judge Paul Hollywood is really like

Great British Bake off Winner Peter Sawkins, shared what ‘brutal’ judge Paul Hollywood is really like outside of the tent at his book signing event in Edinburgh

Peter Sawkins, an accounting student at the University of Edinburgh, won the Great British Bake Off in 2020. Since the competition, Peter has made various television appearances, grown a huge fan base and has written two books; one of which was published just last week.

The 22-year-old baker's latest book, ‘Peter’s Baking Party’ covers a range of delicious recipes to sweeten all the seasons as well as allergies, in particular gluten free alternatives. To celebrate the launch of his new book, Peter hosted a book signing, baking demonstration and questions evening last week at Augustine United Church in Edinburgh. Fans were keen to find out the secrets of the bake off tent, as one person queried: “What is Paul Hollywood really like?”

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Peter responded: “He can be quite brutal with feedback, but does want us all to do well. It was really nice to get to know Paul as a person outside of the tent rather than a mythical creature judging your bakes, I mean his eyes really are that piercing blue!”

Peter Sawkins, 20, the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2020 (C4/Love Productions/Mark Bourdil)

When asked what biscuit he would be, Peter responded: “Definitely a Scottish shortbread, because firstly I am Scottish and I feel like I’m quite boring but, they genuinely are the best biscuits!”

The youngest ever winner also spoke about how he applied for the show once when he was 17 and was unsuccessful, but made it through the lengthy application process the second time round once he had “grew in confidence and skill capability”. Whilst the process of making it on to the show involved lugging his fragile bakes for hours on the train to be tested, Peter said it was “ the most amazing experience and definitely worth it”.

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Now Peter has published his second book, he is able to concentrate on finishing his final year at university, but will always find the time to bake as well as inspire thousands more young bakers with his new cookbook; and continues to route for this year's Bake Off Scottish contestants.