Readers react to news of Edinburgh's iconic Jenners store quitting Princes Street

"This is so sad. This shop was Princes Street."

Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 11:45 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 11:48 am

THE news that Edinburgh's most famous store Jenners is to quit Princes Street prompted lots of reaction on social media.

After the Evening News broke the story, readers took to Facebook and Twitter to give their views.

The store may be heading for a new location in the St James Quarter development and the current building, owned by Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen, is set to be revamped as a hotel plus cafes, rooftop restaurant and bar and potentially some shops.

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The Jenners building is set to become a hotel, shops, cafes and rooftop restaurant.

Jenners was founded on Princes Street in 1838 but taken over by House of Fraser in 2005

Some readers felt the iconic store was never quite the same after that and many felt the decision to leave the building was all but inevitable.

Lynne Little posted on Facebook: "Sadly, it was only a matter of time before it was sold, but happy that it has been bought by someone who will keep the magnificent facade of the building."

Ross Gallier said: "To be honest, as much as I'll miss it it's about time. That place has been going downhill ever since the Fraser takeover just over 10 years ago."

Charlie Graham commented: "Loved the toy department when I was a kid, sad but life moves on & Edinburgh has changed so much."

And Lorraine Blyth said: "Yes, it’s perhaps sad to see Jenners leave Princes Street but be honest, who actually shops in Jenners at any time other than “the sales” ? Times have changed. No one, from Edinburgh, actually goes “up town” anymore. We go to Fort Kinnaird, Straiton, Livingston etc. Princes street needs to keep up."

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There were plenty people with fond memories of the store.

Nikki Swann posted: "What a shame Jenner’s was always my favorite shop as a child and when I come back always go to Jenner’s as so quaint xx."

Suzi Ridley said: "This is so sad. This shop was Princes St."

And Tracy Andrew said: "Gutted! Loved going into this store as a kid with my Gran to see the huge Christmas tree at Christmas time. Be good if they could name it Jenners Hotel etc. If the owner can afford £50m to buy it I’m sure he could afford to buy the name."

Angela Smith gave her verdict: "Jenners isn’t jenners anymore, when you go in it’s not the same, hopefully it’ll get a new lease of life!"

And Val McIver said: "Jenners store has always been about the building, the balcony & the Christmas tree.

Jenners won't be the same in a different location. If it became Jenners Hotel, & kept all the architecture. ..... "

Several other readers also looked forward to the new possibilities for the site.

Malcolm Reid said: "Since Mike Ashley took over the store has, unsurprisingly, been in rapid decline. Sad to see it go but if this grand old building can be renovated for the better then that’s a good thing."

James Davis said: "Sounds exciting, Jenner’s lost itself when they sold to House of Fraser’s, the building is looking tired, a full restoration sounds amazing."

But Tracy McBurnie commented: "Not another hotel. Don't allow jenners to be turned into another tourist only attraction."

And Karen Tomczynski said: "I hope the new St James centre lives up to everyone's HUGE expectations! Yet people are complaining that Poundland has opened in Princes Street - someone's going to have to plug all the gaps that will be left!"

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